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What I got for christmas

Hi Everyone, 

How are you? 

I love reading and watching what I got for Christmas posts and I thought I would post mine. 
I want to make it clear I was spoiled rotten and I am not bragging. 

If you follow me on Instagram you might just have noticed I got a very very nice gift from my hubby. There is a running joke I have with my hubby about the fact that I have a boardman mountain bike whilst he has many bikes to choose from. Now My boardman has serviced me well but I have wanted an upgrade for ages. Our friend Holt shared a post on Facebook that yt-industries had a cracking deal on there Jeffsy mountain bike, If was reduced from £1699.00 to £1299.00 before shipping and buying the travel box! I will do a full post on my bike but this was my main present Yes I was Spoilt

 I love sanctuary spa product. I got hot sugar scrub, salt scrub and bath foam. I was also given this amazing bomb cosmetics gift set. I love this set and I cant wait to have a bath with it. I am saving it for a special day. Do you do this with gift? 
 A stunning bracelet with my initial and birthstone. Some sausage dog PJ. (if you know me I am obsessed with them). 6 pairs of biking socks and some lovely fluffy ones. 
 Mac nut cracker sweet holiday collection lip kit, britney spears privet show perfume. you know I love Britney perfumes but this is defo my new fave. 
Vikor and Rolf Bonbon this perfume is devine. Just heaven in a bottle.
 yankee candle gift set. I love love love yankee. 
 Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser and eye cream. 
 My new diary is everything. This is one of my favorite photos of last year, Me and my two girls and my favorite little princess went on a day trip to Skye and my friend made it in to my year planner. 
The best mug in the world. as you know I have a Dalmatian I just love this thoughtful gift. 
STARBUCK coffee need I say more. The cutest little shower gel. This is going straight in my travel bag.

Altura biking gilet. I have wanted one of these for so long. Biking clothing choices can be trickle you just never know what to wear and this will give me the best of both worlds. 

 SKECHERS Keepsakes Leather-Esque boots I get a pair of these every year But I haven't managed to get some yet.So my hubby got me these I have never had this type before and i really like them they seem more waterproof then my normal keepsakes. 
My friend got me this sign it was gifted to me with my buisness name on it and I love it. 
my hubby decided he was funny and changed it to #teamtahnee. As I support Tahnee in mountain biking, 

my lovely mother in law made us this awesome stitched map of the highlands.

 she also gave us this cushion which I just love! 

As you can see I am very fortunate and have been given far to much and I am so thankful for all my gifts. I really feel very special. 

What did you get?