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My Top tips to get a good nights sleep.

Hi Everyone.

How are you all?  I was chatting to my friends and found out they are all finding it hard to get to sleep. I thought I would do my top tips to getting a great and refreshing nights sleep.
  • Stay active! I always get the best sleep after a good biking session or if I have worked out! if you are physically tired your body wants to be asleep to renew. 
  • Drink water. Your body needs to be hydrated. Ever felt starving at bed time. I bet you are thirsty. Top up those fluids during the day!
  • Is your mind to busy? Try some mindfulness? Or relax put on some soothing music and switch that mind off. 
  • Is your bed right for you? This is a common problem. Old mattresses cause bad sleep. Its time to invest in a good quality bed! Have you seen Adjustamatic Orthopaedic Beds? these are amazing for your body especially your spine! check out this information video.

  • What about a nice warm bubble bath with Epson salts! I have said this 1 million time Epson salts are sent from the gods. If I am struggling with sore muscle then I have a long hot soak in a bath with a good helping of Epson salts.
  • Some people like pillow sprays but I have to say they are not for me. I am not a lavender fan and I just cant use them but I have friends who swear by them. 
  • What are you wearing to bed? Is your PJs a bit tight. You want your body to be a comfy as possible so why not treat your self to new PJs. 
  • When was the last time you replaced your pillows. I am a huge believer that this should be done often. I have a new set on my  bed today!
  • The biggest one TURN OFF THE TECHNOLOGY if you are constantly checking Facebook or Twitter your not relaxing! You won't be thankful you stayed up reading it. You will however feel better after a good sleep!
Whats are your Bed time tips?