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Healthy Bread?

Hi Everyone,

How are you all?

Its still January. Why is it such a long month? As you know I'm not really into the whole new years resolution thing  But one thing I have started to do Is try to be less wasteful. I was forever and a day throwing out half loafs of bread. I am not going to pretend I'm the healthiest person on this earth but I try hard with my diet. Yes I can have naughty days like anyone. Especially after a huge couple of days riding.

I was in the supermarket the other day and picked up a loaf why oh why is there so many ingredient in a loaf of bread???? I normally get my bread from an amazing local bakery but in January it is closed so Hence the supermarket shop. I was horrified. So promptly put the loaf back. This really played on my mind. Some times I wonder if all this advance in food ingredients are actually a good thing. 

Enter my new wish list item. A bread Maker. I know I am turning in to that person who has more machines in the kitchen than food. 

After a lot of googling and review reading. I have decided on Panasonic Automatic bread maker SD-ZB2512 At £189.99. Yes its not the cheapest on the market but I am one of those people who believes you pay for quality. 

Isn't he pretty? Not only can you make breads and my favorite sourdough but you can make scones. Yes SCONES I am a huge scone fan! What I am British.  My In laws live in Devon and My hubby's aunt and uncle live in Cornwall (Our favorite aunt and uncle) And I am always being told off by My Hubby and In Laws that I put the Jam and clotted cream on the Cornwall way! 

Back to my bread issue!

I found Bread machine recipes by Panasonic  Take one of my favorite breads to eat is Sweet potato bread. Panasonic's recipe has seven ingredient, Yip seven So how can the bread I buy in the super market have so many that I don't even understand! I was once told that some company even whiten bread. WHY?

There are so many bonuses in having this machine in my life. The smell of baking bread! Yum 
Not throwing away so many half eaten loafs. Knowing exactly what is in the food I'm eating. So many new fun and easy recipes to try. Also I can impress my friends next time they are round for dinner. Why yes Please try the olive bread I whipped up today! 

Have you got a bread maker?  Have you  looked at the loaf you and your family are eating?