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Monthly Faves

Hi Everyone. 

How are you all today? 

Lets talk monthly favorites today? 

My new skin savers from

Grace your face

Pore strips
I am a fully qualified facial therapist.  I am always on the hunt for new and up and coming brands and ranges and I love these pore stripes. I used to do these loads when I was younger and for some reason stopped doing them. I actually cleansed then steamed my face before using these. I left the strip on for about 15 minutes and they took out a lot of dirt and blackheads. Leaving my pores clean and tighten. Great product and only £4.50

Oil blotting tissues 
This is actually a new thing to me, yes I'm a make up artist but its just not something I grab. I never use product on my clients I haven't used on my own first and I like to really test products. I have oily skin this winter due to too much mountain biking. I love these. A quick blot and I'm shine free for hours. This is without moving my make up! I will be putting this in my kit the highest recommendation in my book. £2.99

Blemish Blitz Spot Reducer Gel
Saving the best for last. Due to a lot more exercise my skin has broken out more than normal. I was very hesitant when I opened this little pod. The gel has the consistency of jelly but very sticky. You pop this on a spot it drys from a clear jelly to a white patch which you leave on over night. it comes off like pvc glue and your spot is reduced by at least 80%. Instead of a spot lasting day I can get rid of bad ones in two days. This is an amazing product and will be ordering more. Plus it only £3.99 how can something this good be this cheap??

This months coffee mention goes to This is actually a subscription service that sends you coffee each month. I signed up for £6.95 for my first month and received my free 
filtering cup. 

I actually picked my coffee and went for a nice light sweet blend. This is delicious and very moreish. My hubby who isn't a coffee fan even said this smells amazing, You can let Pact select a coffee for you but I wanted to pick mine. 
Sweet Treats
Naught but nice treats of this month goes to My goodness this fudge is heaven especially the salted caramel and they where packaged so nicely. The fudge its self is more like tablet to me. Which is a Scottish sweet treat. Which I like more than I like fudge. Tablet is more sweet then fudge and I think this fits the bill. 

This went down a storm in my house. I just checked out the other items that you can order. from meat to cake to salts. This is defo to be kept in mind for that hard to buy for birthday. 

Girlie items
As you know I'm a biker and as a female biker you need to find the right, Ahem girl products.
Especially something for the anti chaff ! What I really like  about in2mate products is its over 99% natural and works with your body, keeping your intimate area clean moisturized and healthy. I really like this and it saved me a lot of  discomfit in the saddle. You can get your hands on the full set Here for £14.95 bargain for the extra miles you can get. 

Whats your faves ? 

MissLJBeauty xo