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Glossybox July

Hay everyone, 

My glossybox review for July 2013. I have already posted this yesterday but the Internet fairys seem to have deleted it! So here gos

This boxes is lush I love the vibrant colour and up it looks so tropical,

Product 1
Anatomicals facial spritz 
Full size (£6)

I would have loved this product but the smell is lavender which I really really dislike. So this will have to be past on to my mother in law to be. 

Product 2
Alterna haircare wave tousle texture mist 
25ml mini size, full size (£23)

I love this product and I own lots of brands of this. I find this one to smell really fresh and clean almost beachy. I like the texture it gives my hair. It doesn't weight my hair down and I can smell this in my hair for a few hours which is nice! Although it doesn't hold my beach wavy for long and I ad to use another product too

Product 3 
Nip +fab spot fix
Full size 15ml (£9.95) 

I have pretty good skin most of the month but like all girl at that time of the month I get a break out ;( 
So this will be good to try then I have to say I will be interested to see if this will replace my current spot 
Treatment by clean and clear 

Product 4
Ciate London Paint pot in island hopping 
Full size 13.5ml (£9)

I am a nail varnishaholic and I am quite happy to admit it! I love receiving nail varnishes. 
This varnish is rubbish the colour gos on pinky with glitter and then gos more red/orange 
Now I put this on last night before bed and it has chipped on every nail. Rubbish I would be gutted if I'd spent £9 on something that just doesn't last!

Product 5 
Coola organic suncare rose essence tint
Mini size 7 ml, full size 50ml (£29.99)

Omg this product looked right up my street it was a darker colour which is better for me. As normally the samples in these boxes are so light. As soon as I put this on I could smell the product which was over powering and I really didn't like the fragrance! When I put this on my face, my skin started to burn and itch I am clearly sensitive to some ingredient in this product. I had to wash my skin straight away it left me a bit red and tender I would not buy this. 

The box this month is not the worst I have had and I liked getting more full sized products. 

What did everyone else get ? Did u enjoy your box



  1. quite glad i never received the ciate polish now! i have a post on my page about mine! :) xx

    An Uninventive Name

    1. I'm so jealous of your box so much better than mine love your blog

  2. Oooh :) I always thought those nail polish were great :( Nothing stays on my nails everything chips aha

    Great blog :)

  3. I have the Nip+Fab Spot Fix, and I think it is really good :)
    lovely post