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July birchbox

Here's my July birchbox 

I'm going to be honest I'm not to impressed this month. Nothing really has the woo factor for me but here's my run down of what I got 

Product 1
Dead sea spa magik cleansing facial wash 
25ml (£8.80)

This was ok for a face wash but I just think there are better more rewarding products on the market.  The smell is very clay like to me. It took a bit of work to remove my make up and I just didn't have a really clean skin feeling afterwards and found myself re cleansing. I won be buying this I'm afraid 

Product 2 
RMK creamy foundation
15g mini sample full price (£35) 

I liked this foundation and for once the sample was a better match to my skin tone. It lasted quite long in this amazing heat we have here at the moment. Which I think is fantastic as I wouldn't expect many foundations to last long in these temperatures! I liked the silky texture and it absorbed in to my skin nicely its a bit heavy for me though so I don't think ill be buying it any time soon but a good product 

Lifestyle extra
The chia co shot 
Full sized (£4.79) 

Not to sure about this think I will add it to my daily smoothie and see how it goes down but I have had linseeds before and these look similar. 

Product 3 
Vitabella hand cream 
Mini size 8.5ml
Full size (£17)

This smells so Devine, it smells expensive like it should be in harrods or a posh spa somewhere. 
As soon as you put it on the moisturising begins. you can feel that its a bit greasy but that gos pretty fast after application. Nice product think I would buy this one. 

Product 4 
Thebalm cosmetics instain long wearing staining blush
Mini size Full size (21.50)

Ok a wee bit small for a item especially when it clearly says not for re sale sample product. So I'm wondering if I could get one of these for free somewhere. That is annoying but I love getting proper make up and this blush is really good and out lasted my foundation on a hot day which I really like the colour is quite peachy and matt. 

Product 5 
Blanc cachemire creme de jour 
Mini size 15ml
Full size (£54.75)

I like this cream it's moisturising and refreshing. The smell is very strange though and I can't seem to place it. It's almost nutty but not in a good way. I think there are better moisturiser on the market for way less money and I will not be spending that amount on this. If it wooed me then I mite consider it but I didn't see any dramatic changes in my skin but maybe if I keep using it. 

This month I will have to say glossybox was my favourite by far. Can't wait till next months instalments 

What did you get in your boxes ? Did you like this months ? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

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