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Today's nails

Now I'm going to say something a bit controversial (sorry) but I'm not a huge Essie fan. 
I honestly don't know if its my nails but it really doesn't last long And it takes ages to dry. To be completely honest it quite easily smudged too. On the plus side the range of colours that Essie have are is amazing. One day maybe I will change my mind but for me there are defo better on the market! And cheaper! 

Today On my nails I have Essie nice is nice ( £7.82 on beauty bay) and Barry basecoat topcoat & nail hardener as my top coat (£2.99 at superdrug).  

Essie nice is nice is such a gorgeous colour light lavender and so fresh! I really want to love Essie but I just cant. 

My topcoat is always something I'm hunting and looking for in my holy grail. At the moment I like this one but I think I'm looking for something a bit more gel-like! 

If anyone can recommend a topcoat that would be awesome? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo


  1. Revlon s topcoat is basically amazing compared to everything else!people always ask if I've got gel nails!i haven't found any other top coat that has matched how good it is:)

  2. You have sold me ill pop out and get it today ;)