My 1st blog - MissLJBeauty

My 1st blog

Ok I think I will start with why I have decided to take the plunge in to beauty blogging.
I have been watching vlogs and reading blogs for a long time and I thought why not give it a bash.

I love make up, hair care and fashion. I like the occasion splurge but try to be more budget friendly.

I am getting married June 2014 so I will be testing lots of products, looking for my holy grail in make up and beauty items.

I am also trying to get fit so I mite include some of that in my blogs.

My story so far
School was a struggle for me in a very remote village and  I was one of the only kids with dyslexica in the school. I left school to follow a dream of mine in acting but this was not ment to be and I have moved back to a rural area in for work.

The biggest change I have gone through is that about 6 years ago I was a size 22 uk and lost 7 and a half stone and am now a size 8 to 10 I don't want to lose loads of weight I just want to feel good in my skin

I love trying new product and really can't help myself to buying new make up!
I also subscribe to glossy box and birchbox so ill pop on blogs about them to

Well I'm a notice at this so be kind