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Naked skin Sunday?

I don't know about you but I love a make up free day. This for me is a Sunday I like nothing better than once a week not putting on make up. I love the feeling of clean and moisturised skin with no make up clogging my pores or mascara on my lashes. Don't get me wrong I love make up so much but I think it is really important to give your skin a good breather and let it just be!

Today is one of those day and here is all I'm using 

I like to pop a face mask on and just now I am using sanctuary spa deep cleanse facial 5 minute thermal detox mask. This mask is warming but not to warming I have to admit it brought out a few blemishes the first time I used it but these have nearly gone and it seems to have cleared my skin now.
This is £10.50 at

Then I moisture with Monu moisture rich collagen cream. I'm really not a fan of the smell of this product but it seem to do wonders for my skin and is very hydrating. I got this in one of my beauty boxes and I have to admit I reach for it a lot. This is currently priced at £16.25 on feel 

On my body I am currently using sanctuary spa body moisture spray. Now I love oil on my skin and have used baby oil forever before it was cool to use oils and now I feel like there are so many to try I am in heaven. I love the feeling of this and the smell is Devine. I normally like really sweet smells but this one is woody ,rich and luxurious and I can't get enough of it. £5.50 from ( I bought a few bits from this range as there was an offer to get a free Crème Souffle which I couldn't pass by.

Then I add the body shop peppermint intensive foot rescue which is ok but I think I will be going back to the soap and glory product as I think it is really effective and seem to work better then this. The smell is lovely though its so minty and fresh. This £9.00 on the body shop website but they have a 35% off code on there website. 

Lastly I always treat my hair to a wee treat today I lave just popped in some dove hair therapy 
Nourishing oil care leave in conditioning and care spray. Woo the smell of this is amazing so light and fresh. Now I have to state I normally hate the smell of dove product and would not buy them even if they were the last thing on the shelf but this doesn't smell like dove it smells more like a sun cream and yummy. My fiancé normally never realises when I change a product but this on he loves and could stop smelling my hair. This is half price at £1.79 at

Any question or comment please feel free 

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

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  1. I love no makeup days as well! You can actually rub your eyes :)
    Loved this post