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Payday must haves

Hi guys,

So it's near that time in the month when we all get a bit richer for at least 24hrs before the direct debit monster takes all our money away. 

I've been thinking quite hard what I want beauty wise and I've come up with a few things 

1. Rimmel apocalips £4.48 on asos
I have heard so much about this I can't resist it, so I think this is a must for me. I'm not to sure what colour I will go for though. Any suggestions 

2. These hair ties from eBay 

These are £4.58 with free postage :). I don't know about anyone else but I have to try my hair up for work which means a big lump where the hair bobble has been (annoying) and I'm trying not to use heat on my hair ATM so these were mentioned on a blog I just read and I can't find it. I will add the link to it later it was a very good one too.

3. Hair product 

I need help choosing out of theses two ?

I love shampoo and have had my fair share of hair disasters ( burnt head with bleach ) so I am stupidly fussy about what goes on my hair and I will spend far to much money on hair care. I would love it if anyone could recommend a hair care line for me that they have tried and loved. 
I have long thin blonde hair that I am growing for my wedding! 

4. The halo, £89 for 16 inches 

I have never had hair extensions or even clip in ones as my fine hair just doesn't cover the clips and it was destroyed for so many years. But now my hair dresser is happy with the condition and I am thinking about what to do for my extra volume for my wedding. So I think I will treat myself to a halo first and see how I get on.

5. Deodorant (random I know ) I have been trying dove maximum protection and I'm ashamed  to say  this is the first of its kind I have tried so I'm going for the sure alternative £5.30. If any one can recommend a scent that would be great. 

6. Soap and glory the breakfast scrub £8. Now I should have loads of this left but my lovely fiancĂ© discovered this is amazing for getting mountain bike oil of his skin ! Need I say more (grrr) 

 7. This is also random but as mentioned in my other blog I am trying to find my wedding scent so 

These have made my list. I reall hope they smell nice as cheesy as it is this would be perfect 

8. Now the final thing is abit more random but think I'm going to join

This is all in the aid of bridal beauty. I like working out but have to admit the weather is making me abit lazy and my treadmill is crying use me use me! So I think this mite push me to work out more. I love jillian micheals but I've done so many of her workouts its getting crazy so I think it's time to change. Plus paying money will make me us this. It's £12.99 per month and can be cancelled any time. 

Have your any pay day wish lists? I'd love to read them ;) 

Any question please comment me 

MissLJBeauty xo