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bridesmaid dresses

Hi everyone

My bridesmaid dress are here. 
wooop now I did the thing everyone say not to do I bough these on Ebay. Pausing for gasp!

Now here is one of my gorgeous bridesmaids and me trying them on.
what do you think?? ignore the fact I look half asleep and have no make up on as the postie had just come and I was soooo excited I had to try them.

Now they are soooo Long they will need taken up which is good as I was worried they would be to short as my 5 gorgeous girls are all different heights and I would guess most will need taken in. 
 If you have any question about the dress send me a comment. 

I ordered the bridesmaid shoes last night so I will post them when they come.

MissLJBeauty xoxox


  1. I think they are GORGEOUS! Much nicer than bridesmaids dresses I've had to wear in the past. Good job!!!

    1. Thanks huni I want my girls to look gorgeous but that won't be hard they are all stunning girlies