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My after work out care

Hi everyone,

today I'm posting about my poor muscles savoir! now a bit of back ground, I have tore my Achilles and my soleus muscle in four places! yeah I Know what a Muppet. Basically I tore my Achilles then tiredto walk on it the next day and that when the soleus muscle got the damage. That was about two years ago.

So I know muscle pain very well. unfortunately I have loads of scar tissue from the muscle tearing and healing. so I get a lot of pain! but I have to work out to keep me sane! I had a lot of physio and I have learned a few great tips that I want to share with you.

Ice the injury straight after impact ie when its just happened to reduce swelling then its all about

Heat... heat heat! I have one of these.

pop it in the microwave and its ready to pop on your injury or tightness.

Now this is amazing and I try to do this after ever major work out!

its Epson salt Bath!

OMG I have to say this is a life saver and to be completely honest when I first tried this I was like yeah right a bath will sort my pain! BUT I'm in love with this and I even buy this on Amazon on subscription! this is £4.29 for 1kg which lasts me about a month. depending how hard I'm pushing it!

what I do is add about two hand fulls to my bath and unlike some bath salt this can be added with your bubble bath! I love me some bubbles!now I really recommend staying in the bath as long as you can but 20 mins is Fab! So get your Ipad and pop
on some of your fave bloggers YouTube videos and relax ( or is that just me) why not pop your fave face mask on? and hair mask? Ok I want me a relaxing bath!

Now as you know I do results with Lucy and by god it kills my muscles I used to have major pain the next day but with a Epson
bath I have very little to no pain! helping me get back to my workouts.

Now I have learned the hard way that you shouldn't workout daily unless you are being supervised by a professional.
I know you want results but 3 to 4 good work outs a week is better than 7 half assed ones that could cause muscle damage and wear and tear!
As much as you want a killer body remember your body is very precious and its a complex machine so it needs recovery as well as maintenance!

Do you have any tips to recovery? leave me any comments

MissLJBeauty Xoxo


  1. I share your love of Epsom salts girly!

    Super cute blog - would love it if you had a read of mine. Just posted my top 6 lipsticks and my skincare routine - x

    1. Thanks huni ! Your blog is great just added you! Epson is my happy time lol