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MAC Haul

So when I was in Glasgow I went to MAC and as you know I love MAC and I wanted to treat myself
I went in with the intention of getting a product from the new RIRI range £16.50 and strobe cream £23.50

so I picked up these products and one of them is this amazing lippy!

Now I never complain about anything but I had some of the worst customer service I have ever had at MAC.
I mean don't get me wrong, I loved hearing about the girls break up and how she can now wear hot pants again but
i asked this girl for a waterproof mascara and so she thought Id like false lashes extreme black for £18 now
this is by no means waterproof the only thing I asked for. plus she followed me and my friend about the store
moaning and telling me about her ex. we spent alot of money in MAC as both of us don't get to the store often and like
to stock up. now was it to much to ask for her to listen to me?

so I live 3 hours away from my nearest mac so I rang their customer service team who were the opposite to
the girl I dealt with and very helpful and are going to send me out a waterproof mascara and a free lip product as
a goodwill gesture. The Lady apologized for bad service and was lovely through out what I expect from a MAC advisor.
now its lucky I have been a MAC buyer for a long time or its safe to say I would not be going back! and this would have put me off my MAC products

MissLJBeauty Xoxo

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