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Fabb event Glasgow

So gorgeous readers I went to my  first blogger event! I'm not going to lie I was so nervous and excited ( I couldn't sleep the night before) so here is my day in brief ! I will of course in the next few weeks review the products we received! It will be all my own opinion and as you know I'll tell you if I dont like something!

You have to check out the event organisers  lovely Tor http://www.thatspeachy.com and ray http://www.ohwhoisshe.com 

Not the best photos as my camera had a melt down the night before so iphone to the rescue ! 

My day started with a 3 hour drive 
This was me a hour in to my drive waiting to pick up my partner in crime! Sooo early! But we hit the road! And to be honest we had a good catch up on the journey so it passed pretty fast! 

We headed to the event ( we got a bit lost ) thanks to google maps on Michelle's iphone we arrived safe and sound. But we did get told off for trying to go in the wrong entrance :( ok I have to say it wasn't just us we met the lovely Kayleigh and her man Scott ! Doing the same thing ! I've got to add mite I'm loving her blog 


 So we were greeted by a lovely cupcake omg they tasted as good as they looked! 

Girls only dry shampoo ! 

Michelle getting her tattoo! I'm in love with this idea! 

Mallzee this app is so fun! Plus the girls and guys in this stand were reall nice and I can tell this app is going to cost me money! Plus made in scotland ! Woop it's great to see local business in this event.

Oh how I love CB, cocoa brown tan! 

Lush! Yum ! I had to buy a few bits from here ;) 

I'm so excited to test this out crystal clear face cream and mask and don't for get the vibrating pen ! 

The hokey hat rocking killer shoes ;) loved the girl at this stand she was so nice sorry I'm crap with names but she had cat ears on.

The beauty kitchen scrub ! I had to keep smelling this amazing ! Plus another scottish product loving it

I have to mention a couple of other girls we met that were so nice and I think you need to check out there blogs ( even if they got to have wine and we didn't stupid 3 hour drive home) 

Claire from 
Cat from

There were a couple of tweeter giveaways and I won ;)))

@FabbEvents: You've won RT @MissLJBeauty: I want to win a £30 @espaonline gift card with @FabbEvents #fabbglasgow
@FabbEvents: You're a winner RT @MissLJBeauty: I want to win @footneruk goodies at @FabbEvents #fabbgladgow

 But I had to leave before I seen the tweet so didn't get to pick them up. But they mite be coming through the post (fingers crossed).

What a fantastic event! If you get the chance go to one! You will love it so many wonderful brands and bloggers to meet ! Thanks again Tor & Ray for the event ! 

MisslJBeauty xoxo 

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  1. Never got a chance to talk to you but glad you had a good time! I'm really loving the beauty kitchen scrub and the fake tan as well! I won some competitions but never got a chance to pick them up either so gutted! xx

    An Uninventive Name