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Cocoa brown tantastic

Hay gorgeous readers, today I'm talking tan! Oh yeah so summer is over and autumn is here. Now there is no need to be untanned
as we have sooo many fake tans on the market.

So as you may know I love me some tan! and this is my tan of choice at the moment!

Cocoa brown tan 1 hour tan! This go's on like a dream! now I really cant say this enough please remember tan apply s better to prepped skin.

you should try cocoa the tough stuff scrub this will prep your skin and get it tan ready and smooth!

now lets be honest its October so our skin is starting to feel the cold air and need some TLC or is it just me?

I like to use a scrub them a dry body oil before I put on my tan! now this tan is so nice and here is why.
it doe not smell of biscuits! all you fake tan girls/boyz out there know what I mean! this has a Signature Tahitian Gardenia scent yum.

This is a mousse and this is defo the best way for me to tan now I love sprays but my cream carpet doesn't. This glides on the skin and doesn't stain anything, not my white bed sheets, not my towels nothing! woop! I'm pointing the figure at you st topaz!

now you can leave this one for between 1 to 3 hours! now I'm going to tell you a secret I leave mine on all day and this gives me

"Have you just come back from holiday" look! and no don't worry this will not make you Orange!

its a golden glow tan not a "Oh my gosh your tangoed" tan!

now one of the huge plus points is the price £7.99 on (psst they always have discount codes).

now here is something a wee bit weird my dog Millie is in Love with the smell of this product.
I have seen her come through from the living room because she has smelled me applying this. she always trys to lick me when I'm trying to apply this. Silly girl!

so what do you think of this tan? have you tried it?

MissLJBeauty Xoxo


  1. I absolutely LOVE my XenTan but have to admit have become pretty lazy with self-tanners recently! But I am seeing more and more posts about this tan that I am thinking for that price I may have to get myself on the bandwagon and purchase myself a bottle!!!!

    Great post and lovely dog xx

    1. you have to get it and its on offer today on feel unique today :)