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The so project mascara

It's mascara week woop! Now as you can see I love me mascara ! 

Remember to add the amazing steph who started this project

Lots of people use mascara wands in different ways. I'm sure you have watched a friend and though 
Woo do I use it like that I like to sweep upwards, where as my sister is a defo zig zager. To be honest you will find your own style and tecnique as I could not do what my sister does with out mascara all over my face!  I also use a eyelash curler and she doesn't it's all personal ! Play around have fun! 

It's time to come clean I have blonde eyelashes and I feel naked if I don't dye them black or have my
Trusty black wand to give them the va va voom! 

This is my lower end mascara ! I used the elf waterproof for work as it's just a really quick coat 
This fat cat was in a beauty box it's ok but not in rain! 

Mid range gosh growth mascara this works my lashes were thicker anf fuller but major down side 
Growth mascara + water (or hay fever) = panda eyes. Not sexy 

Seventeen dolled up I think this is more of a old school polished mascara it adds a tiny bit of length but that about it 

High end! I love me some mac and here we have zoom, zoom waterproof, and splash proof 
I love them all zoom is the fake eyelashes effect amazing ness and splasproof is my holiday must have you can swim I the sea or pool and no panda eyes! 

Now I love they're reall and I have to say as it's aged it seems to go on better ( just me ? ) 
It's like major fake eyelashes just layer up and out the door and you've got sexy eyes!

Any recommendation for me ? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo


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    1. thanks huni i have already added you your blog awesome