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Inspirational Sunday glitterbug boutique - Rachel

Hay everyone

Happy Sunday. Its officially the day of rest so its time to grab a cuppa and get inspired. 
today on my inspirational people Sunday. 

Now you mite know that I am struggling with life choices just now, So I invented this wee series to inspire me that you can find and follow your dreams. 

Today I am featuring the gorgeous Rachel or as we all know her @glitterbugsbtq

  I will pass you over to Rachel to tell you her story 

Ever since I can remember I'd always wanted to work with children and as soon as I left school that's exactly what I did. From the age of 16 up until 19 I successfully completed my GNVQs and then went on to get a well sought after job as senior nursery nurse in a private school. I enjoyed every minute of it ! Then at 27 I fell pregnant with my beautiful Jenson. After he was born I could not bear to tear myself away from him. So what was I going to do and how would we survive ? We all know money doesn't grow on trees. 

I've always been a creative person, making this and that and had previously made some phone cases for myself - just straightforward plain Swarovski ones and they had always been very popular, picking up compliments wherever I flashed them, so I began to wonder if I could make a business out of my hobby. It would be perfect, doing something that I love so much and it would be easy to fit it in around the baby's routine. So I set up a Facebook page and got my first sale ! I couldn't believe it. Another sale and then another and another and so on ! All of a sudden my little phone cases were very popular and I was loving it. Soon after I set up a twitter account and that also became very popular. At this point I decided it was time to have a website. I'm lucky enough to have a sister and brother in law who are graphic and website designers so they did all my branding and made my website for me. I remember being so excited when she rang me to tell me my website got 8000 hits in the first month ! At the time we only had around 5000 followers on twitter so that was a lot!

Today Glitterbugs Boutique has been going a year and a half and is very successful. We have made cases for many celebrity's including Bobby Norris and Jessica Wright from TOWIE, Chanelle Hayes, Kitty Brucknell, Maria Fowler and many many more. We have a huge following of over 14600 fans on Twitter and a thriving Facebook page too! Sometimes I can't quite believe that many people want to see the things I make, never mind buy them! As well as the original phone cases we have added Swarovski Trainers, Nike Blazers, Puma Suedes, Crystallised shoes, Photo Frames and much much more to our inventory. We also offer a bespoke service were you can book in pretty much anything to be crystallised, we've even had a carriage clock sent in ! 

So that's it, that's were it all started! What's next for Glitterbugs Boutique ? Only the future will tell but I have a feeling it's going to be VERY exciting! If you want to come along for the ride you can catch us on twitter @glitterbugsbtq , Instagram glitterbugsbtq and Oh and don't forget to check out our website

My advice to you is Follow your dreams - it worked for me !

Love Rachel x

Now the lovely Rachel has inspired me what do you think? 
get over to twitter and add her! get something Blinged.

MissLJBeauty xoxo