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My new Wallet Rebecca Minkoff

How are you all? so I have had a wee blogging break! I'll explain all in a life update. but this purchase was too good not to post. I was given money by my mother and father in law to be so I hmmm about what to buy. Now I dont normally spend loads on myself but its xmas right.

 Now I was lucky that my gorgeous fiance bought me the bag I have been lusting after for quite a while. Now my current purse is Pauls boutique and I have had it a couple years and loved it. 
but new year new bag new purse right.

 so off I went on a hunt for a purse for my bag and I feel in love with this Rebecca Minkoff Molly. Now I have a gorgeous guess and Chanel purse but they are just too big to carry about and take up to much room so my Pauls purse was the best size. until now ....

I bought this from shopbop here for $85 (£51.33)  but I was meant to have 25% off that price with the code EXTRAOFF25 but I have just noticed it didnt come off so I have emailed them. 

I had to pay £16 for customs and taxes.

now this was ordered on 26.12.13 and it arrived on the 31st how amazing is that!

What Have you bought in the sales? leave me your links

And HAPPY NEW YEAR may this year be better than the last 

MissLJBeauty XOXO