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Hay everyone,

How are you all today?

So In December I was a Lucky girl and I won some wonderful NSPA products.

 1 x Fragrance Bloom £8. This is such a Flora fresh sent that very elegant. I Like it

I x Illuminating Beauty Serum £7 Oh my God this is a dupe for MAC Strobe cream so much so I will to a comparison review
 1 x treatment elixir oil £4.95 this is awesome it smells devine Now I am not sure hair oil is for me but I'll give this a go. I have to say this smells so good its almost a manly fragrance.
1 x Sea salt scrub,£4.95 This smells amazing oh my god! if I could bottle this I would wear it. its fresh clean and for me its some thing I know my fiance would love as its just so heavenly

Have you Tried any NSPA? what did you think? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo


  1. The illuminating beauty serum sounds interesting - can't wait for your review! :D
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  2. I haven't tried them but you make them sound amazing especially the sea salt scrub!
    I love anything grainy!!

    H xox

    1. oh my gosh huni you will love it then i used it this morning and im in total love

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