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Results with Lucy new year new body

Hi everyone,

How is everyone today?

So Today is name and shame day for me. Hello, I'm miss beauty and I admit I have let my fitness and healthy eating go!

if you read my blog here My Fitness Update you will know I like to work out. (sings LMFAO I work out) but I have had a major slip.

So today is my change day. Its that day we all have where you think
right let's kick my ass back into gear. Plus 5 months today I get Married aw. So Its result with Lucy time. come on girls kick my ass.

Now I have done so many fitness DVDs and work out plans you wouldn't believe but I have found my Holy grail in results with Lucy. The workouts are amazing and yeah I hurt the next day but I honestly say I have come on faster with this plan than when I used to go to the gym.

Today is exciting for me as I joined the 6 pack abs package. so I thought Id do a quick review. You can sign up to results with Lucy here RWL I pay £12.99 a month for the normal package and have just upgraded to this. There is an offer on for £25 for this just now get over there.

So I have just completed my 1st 6 pack abs workout and it is very intense.
 you warm up for 7 minutes then it is your abs blast for 8 minutes now I know a lot of you will be like, that short time but by gosh if your abs don't hurt after this you're a machine.

 now I love interval training so this is very up my street. In the Abs section, you learn four sets of ab moves and you repeat them in different sequences. woo, my abs were on fire. This is quick But I combine it with a few other workouts I did cardio as I haven't done any in ages. I will be blogging my progress at least once a week until my wedding. So I will keep you all updated with my progress and whats new with results with Lucy and my eating plan.

so here are my photos before my 1st work out back let's get this body back in shape and wedding ready. Now I am not saying I am overweight but I need to tone my body up for my wedding. plus working out helps my depression.

just to clarify I have nothing to do with results with Lucy this is
my views on this program it mite does not work for you but if you keep with it I cant see why this won't change your body for life.

Feel free if you fancy a chat about anything I blog about or just maybe to keep each other motivated leave me a comment or tweet me

MissLJBeauty xoxo