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Insprational Sunday - Naomi Quarrinton Designer

Hello Lovely Reader,
How are we today? 
So Its a new year and I am looking to the future. 
as you may know, I am in the middle of a life struggle with depression and looking for Inspiration from people who have overcome big hurdles in there life to achieve their dreams.
So I thought I would do Inspirational Sundays.
Where I would look for good People who Inspire me to overcome my demons and work to a dream. 
Now I never thought I'd have anyone interested in my wee blog but I have met some wonderful people through it on twitter and one such woman is Naomi Quarrinton. 
Now if this lady doesn't inspire change I don't know what will. Naomi Twitter

Here is what the Gorgeous girl herself has to say about her background & her amazing rise to her dream.

After leaving high school I was in and out of jobs like a yoyo, I never ever knew what I wanted to do or achieve with my life. At the age of 19 I had fallen in with the wrong crowd and was heavily drinking and had not achieved anything with my life... I was falling into a massive rut and life was all about going out, partying and drinking most days and nights. I realised I needed to remove myself from this situation or I would have nothing and probably wouldn't be here today. I then moved to Huddersfield, and thankfully met some lovely people and partner and never looked back.

In 2011 I stumbled across some youtube videos by accident , tutorials teaching you how to sew. I have always been creative loved fashion, never been that great with the academics in the school only if they involved being creative.
 Since watching the tutorials I started sewing the back end of 2011, I taught myself how to sew and make my own dress patterns.

 I uploaded a couple I have completed to facebook and everyone went crazy and a couple of weeks later I received an email from top model uk asking if they could meet with me via Skype to discuss their live shows and taking part with my collections

I then presented my first professional debut runway walk in 2012 for 60 ladies at top model uk live shows.
since then was invited back for the second year running in 2013

I have also presented my collections at natural beauty 2012 and 2013 with .. again professional runway walks - they co in side with top model uk

my emails have now wet crazy asking if I can present and feature in lots of runway shows in London.
this year I will be a guest judge at Essex next top the model along with Lydia lucy - from Xfactor and lewis bloor from the only way is Essex
The next top model Essex 
I will be launching a children's wear range next month and soon to be opening a boutique in the Huddersfield area this year to which we will always be looking from young HANDMADE fresh designers.

I never knew what I wanted to do with my life but now sewing is my life and I wouldn't change it for the world! if anyone feels they can't do it then think again I have been in the lowest place of my life with nothing and also diagnosed with bipolar type 2 disorder which is a struggle every day BUT I DID IT! and it was the best thing I have ever done
Naomi xx

what an Inspiration! Plus her dresses aren't just lush but her shoes are to Die for! Check these out! AMAZING.

Now I am sure you will all go and add Naomi on Twitter. If you have any question for her she is only a Tweet away and if you fancy a custom made dress I think you should look no further then Naomi. 

What do you think? who Inspires you? 

MissLJBeauty XOXO