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My Diet Chef experince 1st few days

Hay everyone, 

In wedding prep I have gone on dietchef*. Now here are my stats at the start. 

Weight 66kg
Body fat 26.8%
Muscle 51.6%

Now I am not some who really cares what the scales say about me. I like to measure myself with a tape measuring tape. I have always felt this gives you a better indication of your loss.

My Stats

Chest 93cm
Small waist 80cm
Biggest part of waist 89cm
Hips 102cm
Thighs 54cm 
Arms 30cm

I won’t go in to detail but you can read my struggle here my-fitness-update. I am not saying I am fat. I just want to look amazing on my wedding day in June. So I turned to diet chef to get me to my tip top body potential.

The process is so easy. You go on to dietchef and you choose your meal plan. You choose one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner and a snack a day. Now I was worried as I am a fussy eater. I was concerned there wouldn't be anything I could eat but oh my gosh was I wrong. I had the problem of choosing and with this being my 1st month I wanted to try a lot of things I wouldn't normally try. Plus I am a very sweet tooth and I need this in my life but I was in luck lots of delish snack to try. I picked all my meals and popped in my order and you are updated constantly with the progress of your order which I like.

To say I was excited to see this box would be an understatement. My postie had to Lug it up 3 flights of stairs (sorry postie) I couldn't lift it I had to drag it across the floor.

The top level of the box is filled to the brim with your breakfasts and snacks.

 And underneath are all your Lunches and Dinners.

Here is my first day’s food. Breakfast I picked Original Granola

 When I looked at this I thought OH no I’m going to be hungry but I really wasn't. It was also so tasty. My fiancĂ© even had to try it and agreed.

 A  Lunch on the go bar
Now if I had known about these amazing chocolate flavoured protein bars I would have ordered a lot more they are so nice. I felt guilty eating this as I was like this is not Diet food I'm cheating on my diet.

 Now you will laugh at this but I normally can’t eat Macaroni cheese as I have a slight cheese allergy but this only has 12% cheese and I was in love with first bite. I was so delighted that I could eat this. Yeah Sad I know

My snack was oat bar with Chocolate yum. This is very good it is more of a dark chocolate taste then a milk chocolate but it cured my sugar cravings.

I have been on Diet chef now for 3 day and I have lost half a kg which is great I think. I will update my progress and do what I ate today every couple of days. 

Have you done diet chef? 

What are your weigh loss tips and tricks? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo