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Website speed, does it really matter?

Hi Everyone.

I've never been in to the whole page views and ranking thing. I blog to blog and if I'm honest it’s all a bit above my head. In terms of my site I do the bare minimum. I know I should find out if there gremlins in my site waiting to make my DA lower and thus less visitor etc.  As I sit here I realize I am very naive about all these things and really should do a training course to buff up my skills. 

So let’s talk the way I understand things. I am sure most of you are well versed in all thing IT but for those of us who aren't here is what I understand. 

Mr Google loves sites who perform well and this means user friendly with fast speed to load content. In the crazy super-fast paced world of interweb speed is money. How any times have you been in the middle of looking something up and the bloody site wont load. GRR what do you do? google the next site with the same product and info! Yip the first site has lost your interest and to be honest annoyed you enough to look elsewhere. No, the best news for the first site, is it?  I know I judge a site that isn't there instantly now a days I mean " if they can sort there site out why am I bothering?"
Speed does equal money and sales. 

Google ranks website with fast loading speed higher and if Like me you know only one thing in this crazy day and age. IS GOOGLE RANK MATTERS. Its how people find your little bit of the world and the more people who finadand know you the more money you will make. 

I found this awesome site who have this cool little tool which help you find out how your site is running and it gives you a grading. 

I know you are wondering how I got on.  I got a B! OH NO a B. So this puts me in the top 68% of sites. Which after reading on about my score this is actually not to bad at all. I was 

So not only do they check your speed in the UK but New York, LA, Brazil, India, Singapore Japan and Australia. This giving you a worldwide view of whats going on with your site! Why don't you check your site with 

So do I have a good enough speed for google? Yes, I do as long as your speed is 200ms and above you are Ok but if you are lower its time to switch your web host as they are really affecting your google ranking! and we don't that do we? Here is a guide to the best Hosting thanks for that Bitcatcha! They have compiled this list with a range of low cost hosting options to help you on your way! 

Have you checked your speed? 



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