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12 thing Game of thrones has taught me

Happy Game of Thrones day. 

Yes, Yes I am a Huge fan of the HBO series. I was late started and started watching after season 2 had aired. I have since binged it a lot including twice this year. I am on season 5 at the moment. So nay spoiler and I will not be happy you hear me. I thought I would do a fun 10 thing Game of Thrones has taught me post. 
Jon snow

1. There is good and bad in most people. From loving to hate Jamie Lannister to having a strange liking for the hound. I can see good and bad in most of the characters. This translates to real life too. 

2. Incest is not ok it produces Joffery. Not only is it morally wrong and just plain yucky. It can result in satan. I am just saying. Jamie what are you doing. 

3. Some times people you like die. Vital life lesson. We are all mortal and able to be killed, Via a flaming arrow or by white walkers or walking home from the pub it can happen. Live life to the fullest. 

4. Never underestimate the underdog. Speaking as an underdog myself. I love Tyrion Lannister. I feel he got overlooked by his family and he is, in fact, the best one out of them. 

5. Whilst we are on Tyrion it is perfectly ok to cut your family out of your life for good. Ok, I have done this. No, I did not kill my father or be framed for my nephew's death. But I have cut them out of my life and I am so much happier. Blood is not always the most import thing in your life. 

6. Having animals as children is ok. I have two dogs, not dragons. But it is ok to not have children and you can still matter in this world and maybe even make a difference. 

7. People come in all shapes and sizes. There are giants, dwarfs, cripples, everyone is different and that is what makes the world a wonderful place. Speaking as someone who has learning difficulties this resonates with me. 

8. There will always be the rich, the poor, and the rest of us. No matter what you have in life, there will always be someone richer or more powerful. Be happy with what you have and you will live a better life. 

9. Magic exists. Ok maybe it doesn't but I like to believe there is something out there something wonderful. Even if it doesn't it is ok to dream and believe in the children of the forest. It is always better to believe in something than nothing right? 

10. Everyone's life is more complicated than you can ever think. You try and figure out all the connection in Game of Thrones? We all lead complex and unquiet lives and we should be proud to do so. 

11. Evil people exist. Look at Cersei Lannister or Sir Greggor. To me they are evil. If different ways but still evil and should not walk the streets with the rest of us. In life, we will meet evil people. From the rapists to the murders they do walk among us. Unfortuanlty not everyone has the same moral compass as you or I? 

12. A common cause can unite the worst of enemies. Yes, they are fighting the white walkers but there are times in life you have to unite with those you hate for the greater good. 

This is a fun post I hope you enjoyed it and remember no spoilers.