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The Most Beautiful Natural Locations in Europe

Europe’s an endlessly varied continent. Want to explore ancient history? Head to one of the cities. Desperate to take a dip in the sea? Search along the Mediterranean. Fancy a foodie break? Pick any number of great countries to indulge in culinary delights!
However, on occasion, it’s lovely just to shut off from the busy 21st-century world and immerse yourself in nature. Thankfully, Europe’s got plenty of gorgeous natural spots too. Here’s more information.
Sunset on Scottish islands

The Best Natural Spots in Europe
1. Bolzano, Italy. Planning on visiting Italy any time soon? Instead of going to Rome or Venice (gorgeous though they both are), head to Bolzano. Referred to as the ‘gateway to the Dolomites’, it’s an ancient town surrounded by lush green fields and mountains. Take one of three cable cars to get spectacular views of the area, or if you’re feeling energetic, go on one of the hiking trails through the Dolomites themselves.
2.Val Thorens, France. Val Thorens is regarded as one of the best ski resorts in the continent, and when you see the surroundings, you’ll understand why. Go in peak season and you’ll enter a wintry wonderland, with the mountains carpeted in thick, unblemished snow. The resort itself is also pleasingly luxurious if you like your holidays to have a touch of opulence.
3. The islands of Scotland. The UK is blessed with plenty of gorgeous natural locations. However, if you’re looking to escape into the wilderness, head up to Scotland. The Highlands themselves are jaw-dropping, with their craggy peaks and untouched heathland; but when you cross over to one of the islands, this stunning wildness gets ramped up 100%. Skye is a popular (though crowded) choice, and Jura and Mull are also lovely. If you’re looking to escape completely from civilisation, head to the Outer Hebrides.
4. The Svartisen Glacier, Norway. Fancy something completely different for your next break? Try visiting the Svartisen Glacier. Situated amongst the gorgeously bleak surroundings of Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park, the place has huge amounts of atmosphere, and is ideal for those who love exploring wild terrain.
5. Oludeniz, Turkey. If you’re a sucker for a good beach, and want to sample one of the most beautiful in Europe, book a flight to Oludeniz. The spectacular strip of sand is set in a nature reserve, which means you’re surrounded by thick trees on all sides. As for the water? Expect glittering blue ocean on both sides of the beach (with one side being a peaceful lagoon).

6. Jungfrau Region, SwitzerlandInterlaken and the surrounding area.  As well the well-known mountain excursions like Jungfraujoch and Schilthorn, you’ll discover charming local villages to visit, fun activities for all ages, scenic natural wonders to explore, tasty food experiences and much more.

Evoke the ‘travel vibe’ at home
If the budget won’t stretch to getting away this year, you could always seek out natural beauty on your doorstep. Even a walk through the local woods can reinvigorate the mind! Scent is another powerful way to recapture the sense of being on holiday. For example, fragrances like Neroli Portofino are reminiscent of the Italian countryside, or you could light a scented candle to create the feel of an exotic Mediterranean evening. Copycat Fragrances is a good place to look for inspiration!