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Spring has sprung sort your garden

You may or may not know but I have a secret love affair. Nothing untoward. I love Home Bargains. I am in my local store weekly. Yes, I have loved this store since I discovered it. Then they opened a store locally. I was in heaven. Honestly, I spend far too much money in the store. So went there PR team reached out and offered me some items. I felt far too excited. As a blogger, I am lucky and get PR packages but this one is so special to me. 

My garden is a bit of a boorach. (Scottish word for a mess) Winter has hit my garden with an amazing force. That is the joy of living in the highlands. Summers are lovely and we have great scenery but the winter is harsh and hard on the scenery. Including my poor garden. 

spring has sprung gardening flat lay

spring gardening gloves and seeds
I could not believe all the items they sent me. I have seen the gardening range in store and admired it. But to be gifted all of this is amazing and my garden is going to look amazing. 

They really are upping the gardening game this year. You can buy everything you need from gardening gloves to tin tea mugs to enjoy a nice brew whilst you do your potting. 

what to plant in springwhat to plant in spring

If like me you like the easier things in life. Home Bargains is the place for you. They have potting kits which guide you on how to pot plant. Gorgeous sweet peas in ready to grow buckets. Which are so cute.  

I actually didn't know you could get seeds from Home Bargains. I love that there is a special one to encourage bees and butterflies into your garden.  Also, who doesn't love the idea of eating a salad that you have grown yourself? Knowing exactly where everything has come from and been nurtured by you. 

I buy the bird feeder they sent me. I love to have these for the little birds in winter and spring. I have a little robin who visits us for wee feed. Ok, he is not actually that small at all. He's a big fellow. So the food must work for him. 

I'm going to plant the little chicken in the garden one day and see if the dogs notice it. Which should be some fun. 

I really do have all I need to get my garden back to life. 

Dont forget to check out your local Home Bargains.