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Dog birthday Gift guide

Hi Everyone, 

It's nearly Mylos birthday. He's almost Five. I can not believe my baby boy is going to be five. If you know me. My dogs are my life and I am not sorry. Yes, I  even cried when Millie turned 7. I am 100% a crazy dog mother. Birthdays are the perfect time to spoil my little pups.  Here is my what to buy your dog for their birthday. There is also a very exciting announcement in this post. So stay tuned for that. 

personalised dog wrapping paper
First, thing first. You need wrapping paper. This is custom made by £19.99. How gorgeous is this? You need to go check out their personalised wrapping paper. You don't have to have your dogs on it. But why wouldn't you? It's Amazing. There more from Prezzybox coming up. 
looking in side van conversion with dogs having dinner
dog ruffwear kibble food bag

Next up. If you have seen any photos of my little pups you will know they are lovers of Ruffwear harness and backpacks. I can not recommend this ruffwear kibble Kaddie(£42.95) enough. This is a camper or traveller with their dogs dream dog food storage. It is compact but I can fit a week's worth of biscuits for our two dogs in here. It has the handiest closing with roll-up design keeping the food fresh and airtight. It also has a super handy food shoot with a magnet closure to keep it secure. It is heavy duty portable with an extra handle and strong. How did I travel before this? Oh, wait with a lot of bulky bags that's how. 
Trump and theresa dog toys
 Oh, my word. Prezzybox's Pet hates toys £16.99 each. 
Pets Hate Theresa and Donald toys are the funniest things I have seen in so long. These are not only hilarious but they are really strong and durable dog toys. I have to say Mylo really had fun killing Theresa. I have no comments political or otherwise. Mylo's actions are his own. I think this could be Brexit related But I honestly did not ask him?

personalised wooden dog lead hook
This is just the cutest Lead hook! Another amazing Personalised Paw Print Peg Hook £19.99

The quality is amazing. Ok this is more a joint present for me too. I am always forgetting where I put there leads. They disappear I swear. Now I have no excuse when either dog pull out those soppy doggy eyes to go play up the hill. 
door step lab matt personalised
 This doormat is so cute £26.99. Our Millie is a Springador and this is a labrador mat but it looks so like her. I love the design this is the perfect gift for any dog fanatic. They have so many personalised dog gifts. It's an amazing site. 

might mutt dog chew

This is a mighty mutt Large Chew toy. £12.99 this is ideal for Mylo. He loves to kill his toys. This has so far stood the Mylo test so it is doing well After a lot of chewing. It's a winner. 
beaver no stuffing dog toy
This little cutey is A Furzz beaver, This is an awesome toy for Millie as she loves to de-stuff her soft toys. This has been around the house for a while now and is still intact. If like me you have a little menace. You need to check out the Furzz range. 
nylabone dog chres
If you have been following me for a while you will know that my dogs are obsessed with nylabone. 
These two are no different as soon as they see them they had to have them. Millie could smell them through the packaging and became like a dog possessed. If you have chewer these are by far one of the longest lasting toys we have ever owned. 

Pitpat dog activity tracker

dog tracker

This is Pitpat dog activity tracker £39.99 This is the best way to keep up today with how much exercise your dog is doing. You will know Mylo comes biking with us and I like to know how much he is doing. This clever tracker connected to an app. Keeping you in control of what your dog does. You can easily check how much your dog is doing with a couple taps of the app. It has state of the art technology and even keeps you in the know how much exercise your breed of dog needs. It is basically a fitness tracker for your dog.  You can even see what your dog does at daycare or with the dog walker. It just pops on your dog's collar and you are ready to see exactly what your pup is up too. Don't worry it is also fully waterproof. 

I hope you enjoyed this and it helps you choose some awesome gifts for your beloved dogs. 

The items in this guide have been gifted for inclusion this has not influenced my review.