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How to save money and time on your energy bills.

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So it's not often I get wound up but today I am. I am sick to my back teeth of the price of energy. Every year at this time. There is a thud on my doormat. It's a letter from our current energy supplier to inform me of a huge and when I say huge I mean a nearly double price increase. What on earth? How is that a thing? I am not using more energy. In fact, we are using less. So how can energy companies do this? Here is where my search for an easier and most important cheaper energy supplier. All I want is a simple life people. 

Yes, I am aware there are a huge number of comparison sites out there. where I can spend a lot of my time entering my details and waiting for their results. Then, of course, there is the what if factor. What if I use the wrong comparison site and dont get the best deal. So I sit and do about three of them. I am now two to three hours down and no closer to what I actually want. A cheaper energy supplier, that is easy and stress-free to switch to. 

I feel like a bolt of light shone down on me and gave me Why did I not know of this site before? I am I the only one who is not in the know? I have been left out of the loop. Just in case like me you are not familiar with let me tell you about this incredible auto switching service. 

You give some basic details about your electricity and gas (if you have it.) You just have one form to fill out. Unlike my comparison website dramas. this will take you a couple minutes.  
its time for Auto switching to take over and use its clever algorithms to find you the very best and cheapest deal. This is based on your usage and meter reading. Not completely irrelevant details like some comparisons sites. Not only that but they switch you automatically. I love it no stress and no more hours wasted. 

I know what your thinking this is too good to be true right? But it is not. Depending on the deal you get depends on how often you will be switched by auto switching. If you get a one-year fixed deal. You will be switched to the cheapest after this one is finished. If you go on a variable deal, this can be changed every three months or if it's an amazing deal you can stay on it for a year. Whatever is a better deal for you. 
You get 14 days to review your proposed deal and of course, you can choose to change the deal. I can not believe I didn't know this existed. I am so delighted that someone else can take the hassle out of one of the most time consuming and annoying bills. 
I was just talking this over with my husband and he was like yeah I seen them on dragons den.  Thanks, Hubby you could have told me before I spent hours on comparison sites. By the way, if you actually look into comparison sites the results are scary. Thank goodness we won't have to use them again.