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Beauty Tips For A Natural Glow

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Now that the spring is here the way we style ourselves stars to change with the weather and the season. When spring and summer come around none of us really want to be covering ourselves in makeup and smokey eye, instead we want to let out natural skin flow through and create an effortless beachy look. Today we are going to take a look at a few of the ways you can let your natural beauty shine through this spring.

Embrace your imperfections
Although when we see a part of ourselves which we don’t like it is tempting to run straight to a surgery such as Marc Mani to make a change, it is important to remember that you are beautiful anyway. If you have a few freckles which you feel self conscious of, let them show through your makeup and sparkle. If you have a little extra tummy than you would like, West clothes which accentuate your other assets. Be confident in your own skin and this will help you massively in the coming months.

Use a B.B. cream
Rather than reaching straight for the foundation on a normal day, why not try something a little lighter and kinder to the skin? Creams like this are tinted and will allow for your complexion to stay smooth throughout the day while also letting your natural skin breathe and show through. It is a great alternative and it can look amazing.

Highlight it
The best thing about the summer season is that we are more likely to tan our skin in the sun and this can act as a natural contour for the face and the body. If you are keeping makeup to a minimum, you can skip the contour and simple highlight the high points of the face to give a soft and natural looking glow to your skin.

Balm it up
Our lips are sensitive all year long, and during the summer time when exposed to the sun they can become dry and even burnt. To avoid this from happening it is important for you to use lip balm every day to keep your lips looking naturally soft and plump, without the need for anything else.

Wear what suits you
When it comes to our fashion style throughout the seasons it is so important to wear things which suit your body type and make you feel confident. To show off the beauty of your body and yourself, think about the type of clothes which will suit you best. If you have an ample chest for example you will want to wear tops which are wrapped or which have a v neck; if you are athletic and skinny you can choose peplum and bright colours for a curvy look; and for those who are curvy you can choose clothes which cinch in at the waist and flare out at the hips. Choosing clothes for your body type will

Make all the difference.