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how to have a stress free house move

I have done my fair share of moving. I have moved house at least 7 times. Most of these moves have been a fair distance. In fact, the smallest was 22 miles and the biggest being 222 miles. There is no way around it moving is a mix of emotions.  It's super stressful, exciting and sad all at the same time. You could be moving for numerous reasons.  You could have a new job, going to college a new relationship the break down of a relationship? There are a lot of reasons you may have to uproot and move on.  One thing is for sure you need to pack up your life. I wanted to share my tips to make moving home easier on you and your family. 
woman folding clothes for home move

1. First and foremost hire movers
This is the best way to make your move as stress-free as possible. I have moved with and without movers and to be honest, If money allows I will always choose to put my money to good use and hire movers.

I recommend 2removal | Affordable Movers and packers, They do it all for you from dismantling and assembling your furniture to packing everything into boxes. Then transporting everything from your old house to your new house. It is nice to have someone else do the hard work for you. I don't know about you but this is my prefered way to move. You can, of course, choose to do your own packing and they will do the transporting. They have an option to suit every budget, so why not contact them for a free quote. It is cheaper than you think. 

2. Go to Ikea
No not for new items for your new home. No go and bulk buy Ikea big blue bags. These are super handy and stronger than black bags and you can reuse them so it's win-win. I have used these for packing everything from clothes to dishes. These are a packer best friend. 

3. Make a plan 
Do a room plan and number your boxes and bags according. This will save you so much time in the long run. Let's face it, It takes a long time to unpack and there are always boxes and bag that get the "I'll do that one later" Treatment. That's great until you are running around the house looking for your headphone to head to the gym or worse looking for something required to make your dinner.

4. Furniture
Check that your furniture fits in your new home. I mean through the doors, not the new decor you have planned. We turned up at our new home in the rural highlands with a sofa which was not going through the front door. I drew the line when a saw was mentioned. So get that tape measure out and double-check your furniture will fit. Believe me, you do not want the extra expense of a new sofa like we had. 

5. Tea and coffee
Now this one is maybe a bit British but for goodness sake, you need this one. Make one box with tea and coffee making facilities. Come on you can't possibly have the strength to unpack without a brew. I live on coffee. So make a box with everything you need to make your first cuppa in your new home and pop in some biscuit its hard work unpacking.

6. Toilet roll and soap
This one is common sense. Pack a quick toilet bag. No one wants to be caught short in the new house. Pop some loo roll, hand soap and toilet cleaner in a bag for easy access. No one wants to hear someone shout thought the toilet door "where the toilet roll". So pack the bag and save the blushes. 

I hope these tips have given you food for thought when you are moving home. 

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