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How to keep your home toasty and warm

Winter has arrived, and the storms and cold weather are here. It is officially the coldest time of the year. We may even see some snow and ice. There is no hiding from it now it's definitely cold. Which makes this the perfect time for me to share my guide on the best ways to keep warm in your home this winter and to prevent that horrible chill from entering your home.

Did you know that 10% of heat is lost through your windows? Now, this is more if you have older windows that are not double glazing or badly fitted. I know replacing the window is a big expense but it is a necessary one to keep you home toasty. I can speak first hand of bad window experience. Time for a story.

We live in a house provided by my husband's job. In the summer they paid to have all our window replaced. The people who were hired to fit our window did the worst job possible. They fitted the wrong sized windows on our house. This has cost us no end of stress and so much money trying to heat our home. I could go into this in more detail But the moral of the story is always employ a reputable window fitter company. Read reviews and do not just go for the cheapest option. Cheap is not always best. Do your homework.

So getting the best quality window and window sills in your home will save you a fortune. Believe me, I am currently living with the damage a bad company has done to this house. Quality window and fittings will keep your house warmer. So invest in the best.

This is probably something you haven't thought of but having carpet will keep you warmer than having lament or wooden flooring. There is nothing worse than walking on a cold floor even with socks on. So take this into consideration. Unless of your you fancy splurging on underfloor heating. 

It may surprise you to hear, but having warm colours in your home actually gives off the impression of warmth. Darker colours such as red, dark orange and Yellows are great because we associate them with warmth, it tricks our minds and our bodies into actually feeling warm. Its been scientifically proven don't you know?

Curtains and blinds 
Thick curtains and blinds are also a great help. It’s also incredibly important to ensure that windows are shut properly and that all cracks are covered. Believe me, as you read above this has been the only thing keeping some of the drafts out in my house.
Layer up
Other more simple options are a jumper or two, and a nice warm fluffy blanket always helps. I also use hot water bottles and heated pads. Heated pads are a fantastic thing to have in your home. They not only can be used on cold days but when you are recovering from injury or suffer from back problems.

Don't forget to ensure all the little things are optimised. Check your radiators work properly. Be honest when is the last time you checked your radiator? You can easily bleed your radiators yourself and optimise your heating system. helping you heat your home.

One of my favourite options is a pet, give your pet a cuddle this will help to keep you both warm. Don't forget that a pet is not just for Christmas! It's your family so treat it as such. Like I do with mine. Actually I treat them like the royalty they are.

I hope you have enjoyed this little winter warmth guide.

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