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Tips for Staying Active in the Winter

Ahh, winter! While we all dream of crisp frosty mornings and weak winter sunshine, the harsh reality for many of us living in the UK is windy, rainy days stuck inside and long hours of darkness. Staying active during this time is often easier said than done, with the temptation of a warm, dry evening curled up at home far outweighs the thought of a rainy run in the dark. Keeping up with a fitness routine, however, is an essential part of training and reaching your goals. If you can adapt and react to the changeable weather and stay in focus, by the time the better weather and longer days roll around, you’ll be feeling on top of the world. Bearing in mind the challenges we face staying active in winter, here are some top tips that will help you keep your rhythm.

Try Something New
If your chosen activity is normally outside, you may need to get a little creative in order to adapt during poor weather conditions. On the simple side of things, this involves swapping outruns and cycles for the indoor gym alternative such as a running machine. It also presents a fantastic opportunity to try something new. There are loads of great workouts that help to maintain fitness levels and keep our bodies active. If you’ve not tried it before, consider attending a HIT session, a Pilates class, or another type of indoor training. Swimming is also a great way to workout lots of muscles and improves fitness. A growing number of both professional and regular sportspeople are using oil in addition to their current exercise routines. Studies suggest that CBD oil can be beneficial in sports for a range of reasons from pain relief to muscle recovery, so it could be that extra thing you need to keep your body balanced and prepared for exercise.

Suit Up
Don’t forget that one of the key factors of success is resilience, and this applies to your winter workouts too. Sometimes, all we need is a little courage and motivation alongside a rough and ready attitude. Yes, it is cold. Yes, it is rainy and muddy. But all of that will be forgotten as soon as you jump in that hot shower at the end of it. There is loads of kit available that can help to protect you in the rougher weather, meaning you don’t have to stay inside. Not to say that it’s a good idea to go out running in a storm, but you catch the drift.

Be Prepared
Changeable weather is one thing you can almost guarantee any time of year in the UK, and the winter is the most important time to be aware of this. Be prepared to make the most of a gap in the clouds by keeping your kit ready and to hand.

Be Flexible
Similarly, if you’re dedicated to your fitness, a little flexibility may be required to make the most of a day or situation. If plans can be switched around to make the most of a fair day on the weekend, be prepared to swap things around and make the most of a day. If life is busy, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean scrapping plans with friends and family to go on a 10-mile run. Instead, why not suggest going out together for a long walk? Or wrap the kids up warm and burn off some extra energy by going exploring or stomping up a big hill? All of these count as being active, so keep it in mind next time your planning your weekend.

Don’t forget to enjoy the winter as much as the summer! Keep the momentum going and most importantly, have fun.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your insight and tips – they are very motivating to keep going during the cold months. I took up swimming a couple of years ago exactly for this reason and I think it is one of the best decisions I ever made!