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Jeans Joggers and Tee shirt haul 2020.

Well, it's almost February. Can you believe we are It, It was Christmas 5 minutes ago? I mean, where did the last month I am super excited about this year. I am not sure why but I feel a real change in the air this year I feel big things are about to happen in fashion and this is always exciting. As you can expect I have done my usual haul from Femme Luxe finary. I mean it would be rude not too. Was it me or was January the longest month ever? Imean just hurry up payday right? 

Last year I got so many compliments about my clothes. No one could believe how cheap they were and 90% of the time they were from Femme Luxe. Before I found them I was spending a fortune from other sites for similar clothes. What was I doing? I have saved a fortune on my clothes this way. I might do a full post on this. If you dont know Femme Luxe where have you been they stock everything from Knitted Jumper Dresses to sexy Bodycon dresses. They have you covered. Think if Beyonce and little mix had a baby this would be their outcome. Also very Kardashian Jenner in style. 

As always I will go through the items I have ordered and their size and how I style them. I am a size 8-10 and an hourglass. I have boobs hips and a bum. I might be into fitness but I will not have these so its time to embrace them. 

Here come all the photos. I had so much fun taking these photos, so this one is a bit photo heavy. But how doesn't love a look book? 

I will pop the info about the items here and then you can look at the photos. 

First up is Black Love YaSelf Print T-Shirt - Issy £5.99 size 8/10. I love the slogan tee and this one does not disappoint. This is a long tee shirt but if you have followed me a while you will know I like to tie it up to make it a crop. I just grab the bottom of the t-shirt. Whilst you have it on. gather it up and twist them pop it in a knot. it's so easy to turn a tee into a crop top. Plus it looks super cute. 

I love the message on this one. It is so important to love yourself and I think we all need to remember this and this is a perfect way to do that. I have noticed people reading my tee and smiling. This in its self is a fantastic reason to buy this so that people get an important message. 

Next up we have Camel Cuffed Joggers - Lizzie £9.99 size 10. These are so cool they are very oversized on me and I feel like a rapper but I really love the look of these. Especially with a crop top. I think I would recommend sizing down in these. These are so warm and cosy that I defiantly want to pick up more in other colours. These are perfect for around the house casual wear. I am obsessed with the colour it's so vivid. also, who doesn't love a jogger with a cuffed leg?

Last up Blue Denim Ripped Back Mom Jeans - Jayda size 10 £19.99. 
Who doesn't love a mom jean? They are super easy to wear and confrontable. These ones do not disappoint. I love where the rips are on these. These are 3/4 in length so they are perfect to team with heels. They can be dressed up or down. You could pop on a going-out top and its ready for a girls night on the town or team like I have with a tee for a dressed-down look.  I love the blue colour it is the right shade of medium blue denim. I think these will be awesome for summer too. 


I hope this has inspired you to go shopping. 

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