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How to make Free valentines cards

Can you believe we are over halfway through January 2020? Where has this month gone already? We are now a stone's throw away from valentines day.  There is a lot of pressure on people to make the valentines day special. Instagram will be littered with proposals and look at how loved I am posts. As nice as that is. I think it is about time we took it back to basics. Valentine's day used to just be a religious day of worship for two saints called Valentinus.  It wasn't until the 18th century that it became about love and showing your partner the love you have for each other with the offering of flowers and written notes. Here is where Valentine's cards originated. Today I am going to show you how to make your own valentines cards. 

Valentine's day can be fun and romantic without spending hundreds of pounds on each other. It is about showing you care for the other person. Also, there is now Galentine's Day on the 13th where us woman shows our love for each other. So this gives us two reasons to get making personalised valentine cards right? 

Today I am using monogram maker free to design my cards. This is am awesome site which allows you to make amazing personalised monogram designs for free. Yes, I went there Free. This is the cheapest way to make valentines cards, I have found I mean all you will need is a printer and ink or you can send them digitally at no cost to you at all. Plus you get to put your own special touches to your designs. Monogram maker is easy to use. It guides you thought the whole process. 

First, you add in the words you want or monogram. You can add more of these if you like. There is a huge range of colours and fonts to choose from  Then you select a frame there are so many of these too. There really is one for every occasion. Next, you can add in any backgrounds you may want. I have added in a photo of a card and envelope so you can see what my designs will look like. 
Unfortunately, I don't have ink in my printer right now to print these for you. 

You can also add multiple layers to your design. So if you want more than one word or frame you can easily add more in. Once you are happy with your design you can download and print or send to your loved one.  Now I am not in any way good with technology like this. So if I can do it you can. It's so easy and free to use. 

So without further ado here is my designs and who I am sending them too. 

This is the card for my husband. I love it, the frame looks like a chain from a bike and you know we are bikers. I love that its is simple and gets the point across. 
This is for one of my best girlfriends. Having a woman friends is so important and we should celebrate our friendship more. I love giving little things like this to my friends as it really can brighten someone's day. 

This is my valentines day card for my dog. No judgement here. It is a silly thing that my husband and I started years ago. To give our dogs a card and a little treat on valentines day. Who says you can't show your pups some love on valentines. day. 

I hope you like my designs and you make your own free valentines cards this year. 

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