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How to Be Less Wasteful at Work

It’s vital that businesses and their employees are more mindful of how they are treating the environment. Many of us are simply too wasteful at times, especially at work when don’t have to front the costs. With that said, it’s time to start thinking about becoming more economical at work, to contribute to saving energy, supplies, money and the environment. All it takes are some small changes here and there. Of course, it can be to make changes at first but, eventually, being kinder to the environment will start to come naturally.

Begin by ensuring all of your equipment, like your computer, is switched off once you’re finished using it. Many of us are guilty of leaving things on stand-by at the end of each day rather than shutting them down properly, which has adverse effects on the environment. Another example is that, on occasion, the overhead lights are in use when there’s plenty of natural sunlight. This is a total waste of energy and will increase the utility bills needlessly. One option that might help is setting up an alert so that you remember to switch off your computer, printer and other devices before you leave. Don’t be afraid to remind your colleagues to do the same thing.

The trick is to be more conscious of your behaviour in the office. For instance, can you recycle what you’re using? Are you using stick-it notes when you could type up a digital reminder? Are you printing documents that can be sent via email? Do you wait until the evening when electricity is cheaper to print a big job? Do you print in colour? Actually, with regards to printing, your company might be wise to consult a managed print service, as they can help limit waste and change poor printing habits.

If you are truly making a conscious effort to become more economical in your home, don’t be hesitant in approaching your employer for some additional support. They will be able to help and encourage the rest of the staff to do the same.

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