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graduation invitations ideas for the perfect party invite

It is that time of year it is nearly graduation, Sometimes it can be easy to overlook such a milestone in someone's life but we really need to cherish the big moment in our lives. Where do you need to start? Well with senior grad announcements. There are so many people graduating at this time it is should be celebrated and today we are going to talk about how to make this extra special with graduation invitations. 

I understand that this time is up in the air but why not plan a delayed graduation to make sure you do celebrate your or your loved one special occasion and where do you need to start with the invite of course. I have found a fantastic place that will help you to make perfect Invitations every time basic Invite. 
graduation invitations with woman in cap and gown

What makes these the perfect Invites? 

You can have so many options with Basic Invite. You can have any colour combination you like with there unlimited colour combination option. You also have instant preview option meaning no waiting around to actually see your amazing colour invites. You have the freedom to change the color of any element on the card. Yes, any colour this is amazing I have never seen than on any college graduation party invitations I have ever received. It will make the design so unique. There is a choice of over 180 different colours to pair together an make something super eye-catching and special. The cards can be exactly how you want it down to the smallest details. I have never seen this from another company. This really makes Basic Invite a leader in this department. They really stand head and shoulder about there others. 
fun graduation invite with white back ground and party in colour

Custom Samples. 
You can not only design your own beautiful graduation invitation party templates but you can also have the option to order pointed samples of your invitations. This meaning you can actually see your design and paper quality. I think this really will help you decide which design is right for you. I think this is fantastic as sometimes you receive the invitation and it is not what you thought it was. This way you can see it and feel it before you get your favourite one as your invite. 

Here is one of the things I really love about Basic Invite. You have the choice of over 40 different envelope colours. Yes, I did say 40! This will make your graduation invitations stand out from the second they drop into someone's letterbox no boring white for you not you can jazz it up from the get-go! Making all you friends and family jealous. All the envelopes are peel and seal so no messy licking or wetting for closer either. This also makes the stuffing so much easier and less mess. 

Free address collection

Also you can even have a free address collection. This meaning they compile all your addresses for you and print them on the envelopes. No sore hand from writing invites for you. All you have to do is share the link they will give you and the person you are inviting fills in there details and boom they are then printed on to an envelope and you are good to go. 

Thank you notes

Now all you have to do is start to plan your thank you notes. There is nothing better than after a fantastic party than thanking everyone who made that party so special. let's face it a graduation party is one of the best party so don't forget to order your thank you notes. Don't worry basic invite have you covered. 

Have a fantastic graduation and I hope this little guide helped you design you perfect invitations. 

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