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How to plan a summer party

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Now that summer is well and truly on the way; there is no better time of year to get your friends and family together and throw a party, be it to celebrate a birthday, a new work position or even if you have just moved house. If you usually feel stressed when it comes to party planning, then worry not, as you can make the entire process a lot less tiresome and time-consuming than normal. Make sure that you get your invites out extra early though, as the warm weather can see social calendars get booked up months in advance!
Choose a theme
Before you even send out your invites for your summer party, make sure that you choose a theme from which you can plan the dress code and even catering. Make sure that you send both electronic and print invites, as some of your guests may not be as social media savvy as you previously had thought. Once you have decided on your theme, you will also want to advise if you are following a set dress code. It is best not to be too specific when it comes to catering, as if you make your food and drink choices too specific then this may not go down too well with your guests. Remain flexible and make sure that you also include some popular finger food favourites to please fussy eaters also. Finally, you can start deciding on your decorating once you have sorted the catering and invitations. Remember that less is more, and if you are holding your party in an outside space, then you could keep things simple and lower costs by just using a few candles or decorations in trees. Once you have your theme sorted, it will be easy to plan and prepare for your party.
Over cater
One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when hosting a summer party is miscalculating when it comes the amount of food and drink that your guests will consume. It is far better to offer more to drink and eat, meaning that everyone leaves feeling satisfied and that they have had a truly good time. So be sure to have enough alcoholic and soft drinks flowing on the day.
Say thanks
Finally, make sure that you are a good host and take time to your guests to say thank you for attending your summer party. You could even use a tool such as Adobe Spark to create your own custom thank you cards. Make sure that you always thank your attendees, or else you risk being left off the guest list for any future events.

If you are looking to plan a summer party, then you need to make sure that you get organised and send your invites out in time. Be sure to choose a theme from which you can create your invites and plan the decoration. Make sure that you over cater and have enough to eat and drink. Do not forget to say thanks and write thank you notes to all of your attendees.