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The difference between when I went to school and now

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 
childres drawing of a b c

Funny things between when I went to school and now. This is just a bit of fun. 

1. Now kids have Ipads and laptops.  Individual laptops in lessons. What I had paper and pens. Who remembers there old school jotters? Oh and we had a big computer in each classroom 

2. Gym class or PE. kids now can have dance and karate.  What I had a schedule come rain or shine that schedule was never altered. I remember turning blue doing cross country in the snow. 
two children skiing
3. Now, kids, have amazing school trips from places like absolute sports travel. Where they can go skiing in the French Alps or go to swimming camps. it's like a five-star holiday. We got trips to the local museum which was walking distance. 

4. Every kid now has the latest phone. We did not have phones. My first phone had a separate battery pack. I will leave that there. 

5. We spent hours on the hills playing in the dirt and climbing trees. Getting as messy as we could before being called to go home. Kids spend hours stuck there Ipads or phones in the house. 

6. We walked to school. My primary was over one and a half miles from my house. If it was raining we put on our big coats. when we were old enough we could ride our bikes.  Now kids get driven or there is a bus provided. 

7. Teachers used chalk and a blackboard. Now they have fancy digital screens. How can you annoy the class with a digital screen? We used to spend hours tormenting each other with the chalkboard. 

8. We had four TV channels I remember the fifth being switched on. Now there is thousands of Sky, virgin tv, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube

9. There were no makeup tutorials. We all wore bad foundation with huge orange lines and dodge coloured mascara. Yes, Blue mascara was huge when I was in high school. 
woman in red dress dancing and clapping hands

10. We wore our hair as hair sprayed and stuck to our head as humanly possible then a tight bun. We wondered why we had permanent headaches. Thinks the photo above but not so pretty. 

 Now girls have gorgeous flowing locks and hair extension. I am obviously talking about high school.

11. Our eyebrows were as thin as humanly possible or shaved with one line drawn in. Cringe. 

Now they are done to perfection by trained professionals. 

12. Tracksuits were the height of fashion. Even on nights out. No not in the cool Gwen Stephan way. In the oh dear what are you wearing way? One of mine was bright purple with pink logos. 

Now girls dress to the latest trends and look more stylish than a runway model. 

13. We begged for money for sweets and magazines. Now its Apps and iTunes credit. I saw on the news that a 2-year-old girl was playing an app game on her mum's phone and spent £3000. 

14. We bought our meal in cash. We had to carry cash and chain in our purse.
 Now they can pay online or with contactless. WTF

15. If the teacher wanted to send a letter to your parent this was given to you or posted to them. Now the teacher emails the parent.

 Funny story one of our friend's sons. Intercepted the emails from his teacher and replied. He was getting in trouble for not doing his homework. He wrote the teacher back pretending to be his mother and told her this huge sob story as to why he hadn't done his homework. This only got found out when the teacher happened to bump into the parent and consoled her on her problems. There were no problems. Well, their son got into big trouble.