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How to avoid tan lines forever

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

Have you heard the news? there a heat wave coming. After the coldest winter in as long as I can remember. The heat is coming and there is only one thing for it. Swimwear shopping. 

I love a tan, I adore how my skin looks and feels with a tan. I am super lucky and my skin takes a tan really well and yes I use suncream and I recommend you do too. 

Here is my problem with a tan. I hate and I mean HATE tan lines. They in no way look cute and last forever. No amount of fake tan can hide the horrendous tan line. It really affects what you can wear in the summer as tan lines just look awful in an outfit that isn't a cover-up and in the heat of the summer who want to be covered head to toe. Nope, I don't. I love summer fashion and I love feeling the sun on my skin. 

I want to share mine all over tanning secret. No, I am not a nudist.  but I can get an all-over tan with swimwear.  This amazing company has swimwear which you can get an all over tan whilst wearing it, while still offering the same protection and coverage as a medium SPF. Where have you been all my life? bye bye, unsightly tan lines hello sunkissed bronzed skin. 

I know what you are thinking I bet its super uncomfortable to wear. How can a fabric which does all this still be nice to wear? well Tanthrough offers
Guaranteed Comfort
The lightweight Microsol V fabrics also keep you cool and comfortable! Our tan through shirts rapidly wick moisture through the fabric, so you stay cooler and drier. Our tan through swimwear keeps you cooler, and allows water to pass through, increasing hydrodynamic performance! Cooltan sportswear helps you stay cooler and drier even on hot summer days.

I am always nervous when ordering from a US site but they have a fantastic sizechart . The women's sizes range from UK 8 to 16 and men's small to xxlarge. I also love that there is a style-guide. This walks you through all the styles of swimwear and clothing that they sell. It helps you really pick what you like. More shops should do this. I love how in detail this is, from how low the back of a swimsuit is to how supportive the bikini cups are.

woman in blue cut out swimsuit by pool in summer sell the best tan through swimwear and men's t-shirts on the market.  Yes, I have done my research. You know I always do my homework when I am shopping. 

I thought it would be fun to show you what I am going to be ordering for the heat of summer. I know you all love a haul post. So let's get shopping. 

Art Deco tan-thru Halter top and Lowrise bottom bikiniwoman in blue bikini
Art Deco Halter Top Bikini $59.90
As you know I am curvy I have big boobs and a bit of a bum. 
I am an hourglass shape I love a halterneck top but to balance my hips I love a string bottom. This is a great look if like me you are hourglass the top gives you the support you need and the bottoms string draws your eyes away from your hips and lengthens the legs. 
How much do these colour combos just scream take me to the beach? 

lepord print swimsuit
Gold Cheetah 1PC Deep Plunge Suit $58.95
How glam is this swimsuit. Leopard print is huge this summer. I was all over the runways at all the fashion weeks. You know I just have to get this. I love the cut out just enough to be sexy but still the extra coverage that a one-piece offers. 

animal print swimsuit on woman
Safari 1PC Tank Top Suit $67.95 
I always like to have one full coverage swimsuit for going to waterparks or spa visits and this one ticks all the boxes. I love the panelling as this draws your attention to the waist making you look super slim. 

Don't worry boys I have you covered so let's check out the men's section. Well, it would be rude to no buy my husband a little something. 
man in sun in green tshirt and sunglasses
Men's Olive Drab V-Neck Shirt $32.95
These look awesome and super soft.  My husband loves t-shirt but hates the tan lines on his arms. This will get rid of those for him. I actually can't believe the range there is so many styles and shapes for men.

Men's Black Tan-Through Polo Shirt #1091 for $44.95
Men's Black Polo $49.95
My husband spends most of his life in Polo shirt. I can't believe they do tan through polo shirts. This is life changing. No more tan lines for him he is going to be delighted and they are so affordable for the quality and design.

Oh my goodness, they even do men's swimwear. I have to buy him a pair 
They do everything from Racer shorts to surf shorts. 
Red Zig short on man on beach
Red Zig Board Shorts $38.95
I love these shorts, the colour is so summer and board shorts is my husband favourites, I honestly can't believe the great prices and design choices in these. 
woman in bikini tanning
Red Roulette Triangle Top Bikini $30 On sale
I am obsessed with this print and it's in the sale. This went straight into my basket. It is just gorgeous.