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Why Sardinia should be your next trip

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

Let's take about holidays. As you may know, We have a van conversion and we plan on travelling around Europe. I want to tell you about one of the jewels in the crown of our trip. 

Sardinia Italy. 
I have been a bit obsessed with Italy and to be more precise Sardinia, It has always been on my long list of place to see before I die. It just looks so magical with its bronze age ruins and white crisp sandy beaches. It looks like something you could only dream about let alone travel there. 

it is super easy to get a ferry to sardinia . I love the freedom a ferry gives you. You are free to choose where and when you arrive and leave. Plus I just love travelling on ferries. There is something so freeing being out on the open water. 

I also love that you can travel with your dog. We are not taking our two dogs with us this time, but the ferry allows you the freedom to take your whole family with you. 

There are so many benefits to travelling to Sardinia by ferry. first off there are seven different companies which travel there. With times ranging from through the night to daytime crossing making your holiday so much more flexible. 
You can choose what type of accommodation you would like onboard. This is brilliant for the budget conscious traveller. I personally love the cabins on ferries. with multiple restaurants, there is always something for every budget. There Is also nothing like eating a meal whilst watching the waves.  

Why Sardinia, 
1. The heat we are travelling in August and it is normally 30 degrees. I love the heat and this sounds perfect to me.  It averages 1.3 days of rainfall in August. Perfect I love those odds. 

2. Mountain biking. Ogliastra region has amazing trails and unlike more common European biking venues this has the bonus of being hardly ridden. Every mountain bikers dream finding unknown trails with no tyre marks. 

3. Phoenician and Roman ruins, As a history geek, the ruins of Tharros and Su Nuraxi Barumini are must-sees. I am that one person who reads everything on trips to museums. So it is no shock I need to see these. 
4. The beaches Sardinia I know to have the worlds best beaches and the island prides its self on how clean and beautiful they really are. Nothing says relaxation than listening to the waves crash on to a sandy shore. 

5. The wildlife lover in me. Sardinia has a huge National park which has rare animals like the Sardinian fox. It is also possible to spot a Mediterranian monk seal. It really is no shock I can't wait to go. 

6. Food, I bet you have been waiting for this one. We all know I am a food lover and Sardinia has it in its culinary finest. I can not wait to try Pane Carasau which is a flatbread. the food is seasonal with fresh produce being the main influence in the cooking. Fresh tomatoes and herbs it is hard to not want to try everything. Fish is one of the main ingredient as well as pork. 
Not to mention the sweet treats that are on offer.  

from pizzerias to gelaterias with Sardinian specialities and local wines what is not to fall in love with. 

7. Snorkelling, With its crystal clear water and abundant fish. This will keep me enthralled for hours. It is world renowned to have some of the best snorkelling and diving in Europe.  

8. The people, Sardinia culture is what really makes the island come alive, with a strong independence yet an influenced Mediterranian lifestyle. The people are who make the island so special and worth a visit. 

Have you been to Sardinia?