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S.A.D In summer?

Hi everyone, 

How are you all today? 

I want to talk about ways to help with seasonal affective disorder Or S.A D. As its more commonly known. A little-known fact is, that this is not only a winter issue. Wait, what? 

No really, some people actually struggle with S.A.D in summer. We forget there are a lot of night shift worker in the world. Whilst we are tucked up in bed they are working hard in all sorts of jobs from emergency services to the post office. I personally have suffered in summer and winter. I was working night shift and when it was sunny and bright outside I was sound asleep in a blacked out room. I could go weeks with no real sunshine. Yes, they few hours at night but no real sun. 

I thought I would share my top tips. 
3 panel anthracite grey aluminium patio door

1. Making my house light, I make sure my house has the maximum light exposure it can have. I have had aluminium sliding doors fitted. These are better than a normal patio door as they let more light in. They offer more unobstructed views and a light airy feel in the home. You honestly wouldn't believe the difference these can make to a home not only for your health but they add value. These are the best addition I have made. These make the most of the sunlight hours and give me that extra lift I need. 

2. Try to get up earlier, I know some people will struggle with this but an extra hour of sunlight can really enhance your mood. 

3. Ask for help. I know asking for help is so hard but honestly, it is the best thing. You can visit your GP or talk to a friend. the only saying a problem shared is a problem halved. Some you trust will not judge you they will help you. 

4. Workout. This helps me the most getting active inside or out really helps me stay positive and feel better. There is nothing quite like the feeling of completing a workout. 

5. Eat, I know you are thinking o course I will eat but the right food is so important for your body. We need to start thinking more about our body as a machine. What you put in is what you get out. 
put rubbish in your will feel rubbish. Put good fuel in getting better results. 

6. Hydration. I know I harp on about this all the time. But water is the best thing for not only your body but your mind. Ever wondered why you have that headache? Eye are blurry? Dehydration is a number one cause of both these things. Your body needs water to function and to help keep your head straight. 

7. Light therapy, This one is clinically proven. Buy a light therapy lamp. These help the body produce feel-good hormones which will help to rebalance your mood and energy levels. 

8. Join a support group. Why not? There is nothing quite like talking to someone who understands and is going through the same as you. You feel instantly better-knowing you are not alone. I really believe in talking therapy. Our mind is a wonderful place but everyone is different and people who are experiencing the same or similar symptoms can really help you feel better.