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Will A Glass Of Wine Keep The Doctor Away?

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We’re all happy to jump on the ‘a glass of wine a day’ bandwagon. Who doesn’t like the excuse to drink alcohol without guilt? If anyone asks, you can argue that you’re doing it for your health. Happy days!

In truth, though, the argument that wine is good for us is shaky at best. If you take that advice as gospel, look again before inadvertently developing an unhealthy habit. Many studies do suggest wine has some health benefits in small doses. It seems logical given that there’s fruit within. As such, you get the same benefits you would by, say, eating a glass filled with grapes. But, when you look closely, the medical work discredits much of this evidence.

Less easy to discredit is the fact that wine brings undeniable downsides. And, no, we aren’t talking about the stains on your teeth. Although, the destruction of your perfect smile is definitely one of the reasons that nightly wine habit isn’t healthy. Sadly, things don’t stop there. The following arguments should also be enough to give you pause next time you open a bottle.

One glass rarely stays that way

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The one glass argument is all well and dandy, but who can honestly say they’ll stop at one? Even with the sealing ability of screw-tops, the majority of us go back for another glass or two. But, even wine advocates admit the cons outweigh the pros if you drink too much. Alcohol can do untold damage whether it contains grapes or not. Sadly, many of us mask unhealthy reliance on evening drinks with these health arguments. Even if you don’t fool anyone else, you may use this to justify weeknight drinking to yourself. If you suspect that might be the case, it’s definitely best to step back. In some instances, it may even be necessary to seek a centre which offers substance abuse treatments that work for you. While none of us likes to admit we have a problem, your health and happiness would thank you for it.

The chemicals outweigh the fruit

It’s also worth noting that there are a whole host of chemicals in wine. And, the damage they can cause far outweighs the fruity benefits. For instance, many wines are high in sulphites which can cause upset stomachs. Alcohol itself can also cause health issues and general upsets galore. When you weigh it up, wouldn’t it be easier to buy a bunch of grapes and get those benefits without putting contaminants in the mix?

When you’re drinking wine, you aren’t drinking water

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It may sound picky, but hydration is important. If you’re sipping a glass of wine, you’re less likely to consider drinking water of an evening. Not only does neglecting water pose problems, but alcohol also has the downside of dehydrating you. The result? Aside from a terrible hangover, this can lead to issues such as lethargy, premature ageing, and kidney problems. So, pour out water instead of wine, and see what real health benefits look like.
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