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is Beauty mailbox the next big thing?

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

Wow, it feels like forever since I have chatted about something actually existing in the beauty world. Don't get me wrong I love new release but are they not all just seeming samey? 

I want to introduce you to my new find. 

what makes them different. Beautymailbox is, not another company trying to tell you hundreds of product which may or may not work! They have very carefully picked the best brand in its field to work with. from rosacea to skin ageing. They have the best products delivered free to your door. 

The founder Helen Allen is a qualified nurse and advanced medical practitioner. She has worked in non-surgical rejuvenation for years and found the best products that she actually loves herself and spotted a gap in the market for a one-stop beauty shop and so Beauty mailbox was created. 

So the products that are stocked are  Healgel, is Clinical, Medik8, Obagi Medical, Revitalash, Teoxane, Wunderbrow, and Zo Skin Care. Click the links for more info on the products.

medik8 clay mask £29. This is heaven in a clay mask. helps to refresh my skin and leaves it glowy. All the products are professional strength and it really is like having a facial with this amazing mask. As you know I am a qualified facialist and I love the results. Yes £29 is pricey but I promise you will love this product. I have noticed my pores are tightened after the first use. 

medik8 eyelift £38. 
Well, I am getting to an age where I need to start on the eye cream journey. This little beauty stimulates collagen production. it is anti-inflammatory and reduces dark shadow. I have been using this a few weeks and I have noticed a reduction in my under eye bags so go grab some. 

 medik8 c tetra vitamin c day cream £36 This is a light day cream. it has vitamins c and e which are proven to help skin texture and elasticity. I like this cream it is very refreshing and can be worn under makeup with no complications. it is highly moisturising and fast absorbing  I really like that it comes with a mini spatula for application. this is far better than dipping your finger in every day and keep the product cleaner. 
teoxane advanced filler anti-wrinkle cream normal combination skin £75
I have heard so much about this product that I just had to try it. This is a powerful anti ageing and anti-wrinkle treatment. The ingredient work in unison to penetrate the layer of the skin to restructure the skin thus minimising wrinkles and ageing. This has been causing waves in the industry with its amazing age reversal powers.

Teoxane RHA micellar solution
This makeup remover is beyond amazing a couple sprays and even waterproof mascara is gone. I love this and you will have to prise it from my hand.