Its week Four of Life in a lockdown Linky, This Linky was started by the lovely Sarah and Rebecca for bloggers to share how we are all surviving lockdown. Why not hop on over to their blogs and check out how their journey is going? Check out my week one, two and three. So you can catch up on what's been happening in my life during this lockdown.
Its question time
1) How are you feeling/coping?
This has been a strange week for me. I have been feeling a bit more balanced. Well until Sunday. When everything seems to go wrong. First, my MacBook decided to stop working properly but not letting me use the H Key. honestly I didn't know how often I used that key. Then our living room TV died. It was testing, to say the least.
2) What are you doing to keep yourself occupied?
I have been focused on my fitness as always and this has kept me a bit saner. until I have hurt my knees doing all the hill walking and cycling. I am this has affected me as I feel like as soon as I get fit. I risk injury by overtraining but this really keeps my mental health in check a bit more. So right now I am nursing my knees with two bags of peas.

3) How are you dealing with everything at the moment – are you self-isolated, going out for essentials etc? Has this changed?
This has not really changed once a week we go to the supermarket. We avoid the local shops as much as possible and stay at home except for our exercise. which normally includes a dog walk in the hills. My puppies are so important to me. The photo is from one of the most remote beaches in our area that we walked to on Saturday.
4) What advice do you have for others?
We are getting there. slowly but surely if we all follow the rules we will defeat this.
5) What have you bought this week that others might like? Especially if from a small business.
I have been doing a lot more amazing gifting. A lot of candy kittens have been bought and received. I have tried when possible to gift from smaller businesses.
6) How has your routine been this week? (Question by Don't Cramp My Style )
This week is hubby's night shifts so that is always a weird week in this house. I told you before that I tend to stick to his shifts. unfortunately, work was put in the back burner until I fixed my MacBook. This week I have added protein shake to my diet to try and help my recovery.

7) Have you planned anything for once lockdown is over the past 7 days? (Question by Don't Cramp My Style )
This is hard it is more what we have unplanned. We have a ferry booked to go to France Andorra and Spain and it looks like we will not be going but we are thinking we won't be able to get our money back. We would love to go if we can and it is safe to do so as I know how important tourism is but we dont have dog sitters anymore and I can not bear to put them in kennels for that long and I would worry too much taking them with us.
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  1. Sorry about the injuries, hope you are feeling better? I also don't think we will be going away this summer to France and I am not feeling good about that, even though I know it is selfish to feel that way. That beach looks stunning!! Hope you got your computer sorted? What a pain!

  2. Please can I come and stay with you and just cuddle your dogs for like ever? Thank you.