Well its week three of Life in a lockdown Linky, This was started by the lovely Sarah and Rebecca for bloggers to share how we are all surviving lockdown. dont forget to check out their amazing blogs. Check out my week one and two. So you can catch up on what's been happening in my life during this lockdown.
Let's get stuck into the questions, shall we?
1) How are you feeling/coping?
This week has been a lot of highs and some crushing lows. I really thought we might have been coming to a peak of the situation but it is still it continues. You all know I have a long documented mental health journey. I am at times struggling.

2) What are you doing to keep yourself occupied?
I am working out a lot, I am zwifting a lot. If you don't know what that it is. In short, it is an online cycling program. you need a smart trainer to use it as you climb lots of hills and your trainer adjusts to the climb. This giving you a real ride experience. I have covered a lot of miles. Today I completed my first 100k ride which in my world is 63 miles ish. I just do not get kilometre. Sorry, I am a miles girl. I have of course been getting out of the house when I can. With social distancing in mind. I am super lucky and live in the highland and my house backs on to mountain. Yesterday My husband and Mylo our dalmatian climbed the tallest one behind the house ooo that was very hard going no path and a lot of very very steep terrain. It was nice to get out of the house. It was also a very rare day as from the top we could see, Skye, the small isles, Tiree, Uist, Knoydart, loch Morar, and Loch Nevis to name a few places. It felt like heaven at the top and not a midget insight.
3) How are you dealing with everything at the moment – are you self-isolated, going out for essentials etc? Has this changed?
I am as above going out for exercise and making the two hours round trip to the supermarket once a week. Which is normally a chore but it is nice to actually get out in the car or van. We have a van conversion and we take it some times to the supermarket to keep the battery ticking over and it is so funny the looks we get. I want to get a sticker saying we are local we are not holidaymakers.
4) What advice do you have for others?
Try to remember this is temporary and our little sacrifice is for the greater good. We are protecting our NHS. We are blessed in this country to have the NHS and this is the time to show that we care about it. That means staying home and not seeing anyone other than your household. This little lockdown is small a percentage of our lives we can do this.
5) What have you bought this week that others might like? Especially if from a small business.
I have joined a lovely group where we can send people a little gift from there amazon wishlist. I have bought a few items for people and love how it makes me feel. I have always been a gifter. I am always a bit extra when it comes to peoples birthdays and Christmases so this is so up my street. I love to put real thought into gift and gift people items that they will love.
6) How has your routine been this week? (Question by Don't Cramp My Style )
I seem to have a very similar route. My routine is all over the place normally as my husband is a police officer so I tend to work his shifts too. I was a police officer and a civilian in the police before that so I am very used to shift work.
7) Have you planned anything for once lockdown is over the past 7 days? (Question by Don't Cramp My Style )
I am planning to hopefully get some mountain bike coaching. I have been super lucky and I am a brand ambassador for a bike brand. I haven't revealed this yet. announcement coming soon. I also realise that people like biking coaches will be going through a very rough time at the moment so I like to think this is a way of helping out too.
8) Anything else.
My dogs are loving lockdown and both are the fittest they have ever been.
I hope you have enjoyed this week's Linky

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up again! Zwifting sounds like a lot of fun and great exercise.