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The best way to deep clean vinyl flooring

During this unprecedented time, people are finding themselves with a lot more time on their hands. Everyone already knows that to clean vinyl flooring doesn’t require a lengthy process and lots of chemicals, but it’s worth knowing what you should be using, so you’re not purchasing products that really aren’t necessary. In case you have neglected your floor, brushing up on your cleaning methods will save you a lot of time. Here is how to deep clean your vinyl flooring…
brown vinyl flooring with brown soft and records lying on floor

Removing Stains
Stains and spills have a nasty habit of not only sinking into your flooring, by out staying their welcome in various nooks and crannies of your home. To be sure this does not affect your flooring in the long term, get a cloth and dampen it with warm water and some washing up liquid, then place onto the spill for at least 15 minutes and then wipe away.
For the tougher types of stains (sauces, juice, ink), made a small mix of warm water and bicarbonate soda into a bowl until it forms a paste, then apply to the stain and slowly rub the a smooth cloth until the stain starts to disappear, continue until completely gone.

Add these items to your shopping list
It’s difficult to know which products are best for the cleaning job you need to conduct. Now, you will not need all these items, depending on the dirt or stains you need to tackle, it’s worth knowing the best options. These areas follows…
Sweep or hoover
Bicarbonate of soda
Cut up heavy duty cloth
Microfiber cloth
Floor cleaning solution or vinegar
Mop and bucket
Warm water
Putty knife

After sweeping and removing the tougher stains, the best thing you can do for you vinyl flooring is to give it a complete mop. A simple floor cleaning solution, vinegar and hot water solution or washing up liquid are perfectly acceptable. Always ensure the mop is entirely wrung out before you begin each section of your floor. Too much water will work its way into the wood and may cause your flooring to warp.

Vinyl flooring which does most of the work
Finally, the best precaution you can take is to invest in flooring which holds Scratch Guard technology and moisture resistance built-in. These two features occur throughout Amtico and Luvanto floor ranges, where you will also find fantastic shades and textures. Don’t let style be substituted by function, your flooring can do it all.

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