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Silentnight duvet sets review- brushed cotton and waffle.

Well, we are all still in lockdown and if you are anything like me you are spending hours online shopping and planning never-ending renovations to your home. I was too late to jump on the painting bandwagon and cant order paint. So unlike the rest of the UK, I can not paint my house. But this does not mean I can not add something new to my life right? 

The lovely people at Silentnight have sent me some gorgeous duvet sets to review. Silentnight is a household name you know that when you see their name you know you are getting quaility. I have to say I ave never had any of silent nights bedding before So I am excited to give this a test and see what I think. Silentnight products are available tough amazon. 
This is one of the two duvet sets I was sent. This is part of the 100% brushed cotton range.  
What the brand says  
The 100% brushed cotton ranges provide the ultimate soft-touch comfort and come in both large and small check designs. Opt for a luxurious, classic look with the Wide Sateen Stripe sets, featuring a stunning satin effect and rich feeling 200 thread count.
I love this design. I am a grey girl I love the colour and most of my house is painted in grey tones. I am of course Scottish so the tartan pattern was a winner for me too. My bed is a king-sized bed and I have recently updated the actual bed frame to match my grey theme. I had a black leather effect bed before. Why oh why where these ever in fashion? They look so cheap in my opinion now. What was I thinking? Anyways back to the bedding. 
I have popped in the promo shot for the duvet to show you how it would look. I am afraid I am just no the girl who would iron her sheets. It is just not how I live my life ok. 
This is them straight out the packet and on the bed. I am sorry this is my life and I will live it this way. I love the pattern, the mixture of greys and lemon yellow. Is right up my street. on the first impression, it feels soft and really brightened up the room it is super eye-catching. 

Ok, what you really want to know. How is it to sleep on? 
So the weather has changed here in the UK, I was a bit nervous to put on these sheets. Thinking that they would be a bit too warm for this weird heatwave we are getting in April. I am happy to say they are the right level of warm. They keep you cosy whilst being so soft. They feel really expensive. They look fantastic on the bed. The wrinkle fell out overnight too.  It is safe to say they are worth there money in my opinion. 

Next up we have 
I was also kindly gifted the Waffle fleece set. Now, these are the hight of luxury. They come in a case. They feel like a soft dream. These Haven't made it on to our bed yet as the weather has been far too warm and these are definitely a cold-weather luxury duvet. I will update you when I have put them on. I can tell you they look like a dream and I can imagine like sleeping in a cloud. 
What the brand says
For those rainy Sunday duvet days, the Waffle Fleece set provides maximum comfort and cosiness. This super snug style brings a touch of warmth to the bedroom with beautifully crafted waffle fleece on both duvet and pillow cases
I will pop in an update of sleeping in these as soon as I can. I am sure the weather will change soon again. 

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