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Life In A Lockdown- isolation living

Well, isn't the world a strange place at the moment? Two of my wonderful blogger friends Sarah and Rebecca have decided to host a linky, Where us blogger can come together and discuss how we are dealing with isolation. This is a very uncertain and difficult time for us all. This is a fantastic idea that Sarah and Bex have had. It will not only act as a way to connect with fellow bloggers but it will be a good thing to look back on when we all come through the other side.
Let's get stuck into the questions, shall we?

1) How are you feeling/coping?
If I am honest I am up and down. I go thought waves okness, I am not sure that is a word but I will go with it. Then I have moments of panic. I am lucky we have no cases where I live but I am sure this will change.
As you all know I suffer from mental health issues anyways and I think this has to lead me back to the anxiety path a bit.

2) What are you doing to keep yourself occupied?
I am lucky, My husband has been away from home training for 11 weeks and he has just returned. He has actually been on leave. so I have been spending time with him. I also have a Zwift account where I can do my cycling online and keep my fitness up. Oh and baking of course.
3) How are you dealing with everything at the moment – are you self-isolated, going out for essentials etc? Has this changed?
I am still going out for shopping when we need it once a week. This involves an hour drive each way to our nearest supermarket. I no longer pop to our little shop as often as I would. I just do one big shop and our local bakery has started delivering. This might sound like nothing if you don't live rurally but we do not get any food delivery so this is amazing for us. Well, not the best for my waistline.

I am still taking my dogs out for walks and swims. My house backs onto to mountains so I can climb my fence and be in the hills. This is bliss and a fantastic perk of being a highlander.

4) What advice do you have for others?
It is ok to not be ok. We will put a lot of pressure on yourself at the moment. Some of us will lose our jobs, get sick or have other hurdles. We will all get through this, it will ease it will get better and you are stronger than you think. It is, however, ok to cry, get angry, be upset and feel happy. Give yourself a break. One of my best bit of advice is to limit you access to media, yes all media. The negativity will feed your mental health demon try to not get dragged into this.

5) What have you bought this week that others might like? Especially if from a small business.
Lots of items from our local bakery. We are so lucky. Our local bakery is actually owned but Cameron Macintosh, Yes that Cameron Macintosh He has an estate nearby, the standard of baking is incredible.

6) How has your routine been this week? (Question by Don't Cramp My Style
My routine has actually been pretty normal. With my husband being away I got into the swing of being in the house more and only walking the dogs once day anyways. I put in a lot of time on the bike and this has not changed.

7) Have you planned anything for once lockdown is over the past 7 days? (Question by Don't Cramp My Style
not really unless a mental list of all the cake from cafes I want to eat and all the restaurants I want to eat at.
8) Anything else.
The deer who come to visit have been in the garden this week. One I have named Deerdre was a bit cheeky and when in front of the house where the road is. I had a full conversation with her. telling her that the bus was due and she needed to move her Bambi ass back up the hill. Much to my husband's amusement. As you can see from the photos she was listening to me.

I hope you have enjoyed my answers and I look forward to reading yours if you take part. Just link up to either post on life in a breakdown or I always believed in futures


  1. Thanks for linking up hun! I have a mental list of the restaurants and cafes I want to go to too - I can't wait for a family meal at Prezzo!