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5 Apps to Get You Through Social Distancing

As global pandemic is still affecting many businesses and the daily routine, the government has still enforced the stay at home policy, and this may affect one in different ways. This may affect your mental health and increase stress and anxiety levels. To prevent this, you can spice your lockdown through these 5 apps that will get you through social distancing and break the monotony.

30 Days Fitness Challenge

When you are indoors, you tend to consume more food and spend more time sitting and relaxing. However, you should not abandon your body goals and be sure to stay as active as possible; a great way to do that is to use fitness apps like this one that has 30 day workouts and challenges that focus on full-body or even on specific areas. Exercising regularly will help you remain active and work toward your fitness goals.


If you are a movie fan, you should definitely get the Netflix app. The application has an assorted library of movies and series which will make you glued to the TV screen. Additionally, they have the latest collection of series that will interest you; nonetheless, they also cater for your children by giving them animated movies which will increase your bonding time. The best thing about streaming services is that they can be used to watch television and films. Moreover, nowadays you can also use apps like AllCast to project content across your devices. Accordingly, if you would like to learn more about AllCast, it is Available to download on fileproto


Zoom is a video conferencing software that is very useful during the pandemic. As maintaining social distance is the primary activity currently, the Zoom app allows you to virtually interact with your friends and family. Through the app one can hold meetings, chat and even through parties.

House Party

This is one of the social media platforms that you can use during this time. The app is a video chat platform that allows 8 people at a time. The application notifies you when a friend is online; thus, you can join and have a conversation with them. This application allows you to screen share, leave video voicemails and play games in the group.


This is a game app that allows you to play mobile games with your friends. This is one of the go-to application currently when you are indoors as it will enable a video chat of up to 8 people. The application runs on the background; therefore, you can see the reactions as they play the game. The app has games such as Trivia and Charades that are available for your Android and IOS.

The stay indoor period does not have to be boring, that why indulging in a few activities will reduce the anxiety levels and see you through the day. You can share with me your favourite apps currently and recommend new ones and let's spice up this period.

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