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Cleaning and money saving tips for staying home

We are all staying home just now. There is a couple of things that have become apparent now we are staying home. This is going to last a while. We are all in our homes more than we are outside and this, in turn, leads you to really look at your house. This is not only your home now it is your workspace, your social space your gym and your relaxation area. Wow, we now want a lot from our homes, don't we? We also want them to be sparkling clean. A clean home is a happy home and all that. 

It can not be just me but I have been on cleaning overdrive. I am doing another spring clean. I mean I just did one not long ago but with staying in more there is more clutter and dust and grim in the house. Which means more cleaning. I work from home as a blogger anyways but with the restriction, I am not travelling and spending more time here. I thought it would be a great idea to share my cleaning and organising tips with you. 
woman holding cleaning products about to clean house

Bulk buy cleaning products

I always bulk buy my cleaning products. I use Viking. I know what you are thinking I didn't know they did cleaning products. Well, let me tell you you are missing out. They have everything from bathroom cleaner to dishwasher tablets. You can even bulk buy your tea and biscuits whilst you are ordering. I may have ordered Lotus Bischoff and the other biscuits. What cleaning is hard work I need a snack as a reward?  Viking stock a lot of professional cleaning product which are hard to get.  One I would highly recommend is Evans Vanodine L.S.P multi-surface Polish spray. I used to use this in an old job and it smells like heaven its a sweet woody scent and honesty I really love this product and they since it gives when you use it. 

Best buys
32 Toilet roll Cushelle toilet rolls £11.99
Finish dishwasher tablets 110 £9.99
Cif professional all-purpose cleaning 5l £9.29

There are lots more deal pop over and check them out. These prices are before Vat. Before I found bulk buying I was wasting so much money on cleaning products. All the £3.99 here and there add up and let's face it you are going to buy these products anyways so you might as well make a saving whilst doing so. 

Cleaning Lists 

Write lists. They are so helpful for getting motivated and organised. When I say write lists you have to make them achievable. I normally go for three big tasks a week and a few little ones a day. So, for instance, my list might look like this
  • Clean bathroom 
  • Put washing on 
  • Tidy kitchen
  • Take out rubbish
  • Hang washing up 
The next day would be
  • Clean skirtings and woodwork
  • Hoover downstairs 
  • Turn on the dishwasher 
  • Put dishes away
And so on you get what I mean. You need to set realistic with your goals.  There is no point writing a never-ending list when you are working from home and trying to home school you will not complete the list and you will feel guilty for not doing it. You can always roll a chore over to the next day. 

Sometimes I will write a monthly list on the top of my daily ones with all the big jobs on it so I can remember what I want to get done. These include cleaning the fridge, washing the radiators, cleaning the carpets and organising the cupboards. These lists will help you to achieve the unfrequent tasks you might not think of doing in your daily list. 


Storage in my house is a bit lacking and this is a huge problem for me. I have had to come up with some storage solutions. If you are in the same boat here are some of the things I have done. First look at each room and what is annoying you about it? Write another list. Now think about cleaver solutions. 

One of mine, I have an area under the stairs where all the shoes end up. It looked like a shoe graveyard. When we get in, it was a habit to take off our shoes and just dump them. This was driving me mental. I kid you not. You may know we converted a van. When we were doing this one of our friends gave us lots of old laminate flooring. We had lots of leftovers and I asked my husband to make a custom box. This is now where all the shoes live and we can use the box as a shelf. So handy and a lot less mess. 

Get on Pinterest and borrow other peoples ideas. There are so many helpful posts on Pinterest from the best place to buy under bed storage to how to keep your cupboards organised and accessible. 

I hope you have found this post helpful on your cleaning journey. 

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